Is Varun Dhawan getting married with his girlfriend Natasha Dalal?

Is Varun Dhawan getting married with his girlfriend Natasha Dalal? : What’s cooking? Natasha spotted at Dishoom success party with Dhawans. A while back, When the media folks asked about Natasha at the promotional event of Dishoom – Varun slammed the media with his hard hitting reply but the mums go on. Seems like Varun wants to play a cat and mouse game with the media as he was seen again with his rumored girlfriend Natasha Dalal recently.


Even when the questions were raised about the sightings of him and the girl Natasha, He gave a cheeky reply that the guy seen with the girl was his twin and not him.

however, in the recent witness borne, seems like the actor doesn’t want to keep this as a secret and wants to come out from the wraps with his rumored girlfriend Ms. Dalal.

Last week, the Dhawans celebrated the success of just released flick Dishoom and the whole Dhawan family was in attendance. Interestingly, Varun’s rumored sweetheart Natasha, too, was spotted at the party and as per some fellows seemed pretty much at the place with the Dhawan clan. Seems like the family is much keen to see Varun tie the hitch at the beginning, as the two already have a steady link.

A family friend said, “Natasha is not a part of the film yet and her parents are traditional Sindhis. They are concerned that Varun might get a little too into with any of his actress and might slip up. So before any of such incident occurs, the Dalals are intending to see the duo make it official first.” And there’s a great possibility that we might just be listening to the good news earlier than we expect.

Well, what’s cooking inside is under the wraps till now but we too are hoping for a good news sooner. Stay tuned to the Dekh News.