Ishita Hears The Raman Voice! Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th April 2016 Episode Written Update

Ishita Hears The Raman Voice! Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th April 2016 Episode Written Update :-  Raman searches for missing Pihu. He bumps with Ishita but failed to see each other. He finally finds he in a pastry shop. Raman says she must told him. Pihu hides about Madrasi aunty instead she said she had it with my friend’s mother.


Ishita reached to home, she is still frustrated because of ruined pastries and not even get a sorry reply from that person. Then Aaliya came there she is angry on Ruhaan but Ishita calm her down.

Then Mani and Ishita decided to go together for the meeting.

Raman reaches to Australia with Pihu. while getting ready Raman asks Pihu not to leave anywhere without letting him know. They left.

Ruhaan is sleeping. Nidhi came and says Ruhi is under her influence and works for her and Raman even don’t have any idea that her daughter is still alive. She wakes her up saying get up you have to go for a recording. Ruhi ask her to let her sleep more as there is no recording scheduled. Nidhi says, I manage each and everything and asks Ruhi to get ready without arguing with her.

Mani and Ishita arrived for the meeting early. Ishita went to the washroom. Pihu yells for help as she got stuck in the washroom. She got panick and Ishita reached to her for help. She feels her voice is much similar to Ruhi. Ishita tries to calm her by telling her a story about Ruhi and then she get lost in the flashback remembering the same incident was happened with her and Ruhi. She gets emotional but she wipes her tears and tries to open the door. Pihu seems calm now. A worker enters there and Ishita asks her to bring keys from the manager. Manii wonders why she is taking so much time inside? Nidhi came there to meet someone but they failed to see each other.

Raman is waiting for Mani. Then he notice Pihu is missing. He rushes to find Pihu. After a while he hears the workers are talking about a child who is stuck in the washroom he then rushes to the washroom. Mani also search for Ishita.

The Mangaer came and Ishita leaves saying to take care of her. Raman finally found Pihu and ask her about whole incident. She tells him everything and they look for the lady who helped Pihu but they could not find her. Then Raman recalls the incident happened with Ruhi.

Ruhaan reaches to the place and look for Nidhi but she didn’t find her. Then she saw Ishita. She got angry and shocked. She says its so easy for you to forget everything and I hate you.

In tonight’s Episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, something is going to be happened to Ruhaan. Raman carries her to somewhere. Ishita hears talking someone and thinks its Raman’s voice. She goes to check.