Ishita Left Bhalla House! Yeh Hai Mohabatein 31st August 2016 Written Updates Episode

Ishita Left Bhalla House! Yeh Hai Mohabatein 31st August 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The show starts with Raman and Pihu enjoying dinner. Raman sees Ishita entering into the restaurant. They both smiles at each other. Ishita sits on another table behind Pihu.

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Raman asked the waiter to bring the fruit champion. The waiter put the champion on the table of Ishita. Ishita filled two glasses with fruit wine and asked a waiter to gave one glass to Raman.

They both cheers and drink wine. On the other side, Aaliyah called Adi and asked him to meet. Adi told her to meet at the Chinese restaurant where he has met with Mihir Mamu. Aaliyah agrees with him and they meet at the restaurant.

Aaliyah and Adi entered the restaurant and they saw Ishita and Raman and then, they joined Ishita. Later, Mihir came there for a meeting and him also joined Ishita. Mihir told Ishita that he is making a presentation and took out the headphone which was gifted by Aaliyah.

Ishita recalls Aaliyah told her that she want to gift this to his special friend. But Ishita thinks Aaliyah want to gift Adi but she gifted this to Mihir.

In the next scene, Ishita was thinking about Aaliyah, Mihir and Adi. Raman came there and apologises to Ishita for not making their dinner date special. Ishita asked him to help her in fulfilling the challenge by dancing on the song “Beat Pe Booty.” They both dances on the track and Ishita made the video of their dance.

Next morning, Pihu came to Raman and asked him to allow her to feature in an ad shot to earn the money by signing on an agreement.

Mrs Bhalla asked Pihu what is this. Pihu says Papa lied to me as he went to dinner with Ishita aunty and I saw Ishita aunty in the restaurant. Raman scolded Pihu and told her that he will slap her.

Shagun came there and shouted on Raman and told everyone that she will sign on the paper, if Raman will won’t. Pihu asked Ishita why she came back to this house and asked her to leave the house. Ishita told Shagun that she will leave the house.

Ishita went to pack the bag in her room and Raman came there and asked her, to tell the truth to pihu. Ishita says Pihu will not understand it. She told Ramana that she is going to Amma’s house only.

Raman hugs Ishita and cries.

In the upcoming episode, Mrs Bhalla will ask Ishita to not leave the house. Adi will move forward to stop Ishita but Pihu will hold his hand.