Ishita went to meet Ruhaan! Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th April 2016 Episode Written Updates

Ruhaan bumps into Aadi in the hospital and asks him about directions. Aadi finds him strange as he saw him wearing muffler and hoodie. Ruhaan meets Ishita and tells her that he will not do their contract. She got angry and asks her to talk to him. Ruhaan doesn’t want Ishita to meet with Raman and says he will handle him.

Ishita went to meet Ruhaan! Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th April 2016 Episode Written Updates

Mihika tries her wedding outfit and asks her to leave this up to her as she wants to show this to her friend. Aadi again bumps into Ruhaan and their phones got exchanged. He feels something strange about him.

Shravan is angry with Bala and misbehaves with him. Vandu scolds him and told the reason . Bala and Vandu argues. He reveals about his chatting friend. Shravan goes out crying. Bala and Vandu decide to uncover the truth about that chat friend.

Somebody knocks at the door. Mihika thinks that Aaliya and asks her to come inside. But that was Aadi and he saw Ishita there. But Ishita failed to recognise him as he is grown up now. Aadi recalls past moments. Mihika introduces him as her wedding planner and takes him out to discuss her wedding.

Aadi asks Mihika why she hides about Ishita? Mihika says Ishita doesn’t want to reveal her truth to anyone because she blames herself for Ruhi’s death. She also came to know this 2 days before. Mihika told everything to him. She takes a promise to hide this truth. He promises and asks to meet Ishita for once.

He touches Ishita’s feet and says her mother was also admitted to this room that is why he got so emotional. They had some talks. Mihika asks her to leave. Aadi was at the door and listens Ishita saying our Aadi also grown up like him.


Aaliya tells Mani that Ishita went to talk with Ruhaan. Mani got tensed and calls Nupur and asks where she is? She says she is in her hotel room and Raman is also present there.