Ishqbaaz 11th October 2016 Today Written Episode Updates! Shivaye shouts anika

Ishqbaaz 11th October 2016 Today Written Episode Updates! Shivaye shouts anika :- The episode starts with Dadi asking why to delay Roka. Anika got the plate in her hand to do rasam but Shivaye stops her. Shivaye asked Chhabra family that why they didn’t disclose the reality of Dev, who was their illegitimate son. Mrs. Chhabra said that she didn’t know Dev’s birth time. Jhanvi was shocked. How a mother couldn’t know the son’s birth time!


Then in another scene, Rudra stops Soumya in the hall. He enquired that why did Soumya skip lunch? “I was completing important assignments, said Soumya. “Chhabbras are coming home for Roka, I thought to organize a meet with you and Reeyan”, stated Rudra. But sobered Soumya immediately responded saying let it be.

Next morning, Rudra informed Shivaye that Chabbras have come to their house. Raising doubts about Dev’s parenthood, Shivaye questioned that why the matter was kept as a secret until now? Then Mr. Chhabra bursts out, “Yes, Dev is not my and Chaya’s son but he is my son from another relationship”. But Dev’s real mother died a year back, so Dev used to live with Mr. and Mrs. Chhabra.

“Shivaye!! Dev is a good boy, please judge him by his present”. Suddenly, Dev spoke out, “I was about to tell my truth to you after Roka”. Mr. Chhabra once again assured that Priyanka would get the same respect and love at their house that every bahu gets. He also told that Dev will be a good husband and son-in-law as well.

But Tej was adamant and he said that relationship between Priyanka and Dev can’t go further. Everyone walked off from there. Meanwhile, Dadi said that if the truth was revealed earlier, then the matter mightn’t have reached up to that level.

Disappointed Priyanka was crying. Anika went there to pacify her. Priyanka said that Dev was not a bad boy but her family really treated him badly. She was also upset with Shivaye’s blunt behavior with Chhabra family.

There was a discussion going on between Shivaye and Om. Shivaye tried to explain things in perspective to Om. He said that he was doing everything for the sake of Priyanka’s happiness and Oberoi family. Om interrupted, “If she is unhappy since she couldn’t marry Dev, then family names do not matter”. But Shivaye exclaimed that children are not always right. Om asks Shivaye to give away his stubbornness.

Dev dialed Priyanka and apologized to her for the whole fiasco. He wanted to meet Priyanka but she said it was impossible.

Precap: In today’s episode Dev and Priyanka will secretly meet. Anika will facilitate their meeting but Shivaye comes to know about it as he sees three of them together. He got infuriated.