Shivaye Shockingly Spits! Ishqbaaz 11th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Shivaye Shockingly Spits! Ishqbaaz 11th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The last night episode of the TV series Ishqbaaz begins with Tia Apologises to Shivaay and Shivaye is not aware of it what going on. Shivaay actually surprised to know that that Tia is patch up him as he writes a love letter to her, instead, Shivaay did not write anything.


Tej learns somehow that Roop has stolen his cell phone and orders the security to follow her. Roop transfers the data to her laptop before Tej can reach her. Meanwhile, Tia apologises to Shivaay for suspecting him. Much before that it is revealed that in the party Rudra prepares any kind of drink which is “Rudra Ka Punch”.

Rudra serves the drink to everybody; actually, his mission is to keep Shivaay in the party as Tia is all set to join them and everybody wants Shivaay to have patched up with her. After having a funny drink called “Rudra Ka Punch” in the funny scene everybody goes little bit intoxicated.

In the mean time, Tez is keep tracing Roop and he also reached the outing site where Roop is sitting to transfer the data but Tez is unable to ask anything to her as he is not having solid proves.

Shivay is finding something skeptical but still he is unable to understand anything. Even he surprised to see everybody saying on seeing him “Behaves normally” and he then asked to them “Is I am abnormal”.

To keep Shivaay engaged in the party Om discuss with him about Ridhima’s passion for him and all that. Now Tia arrives and she just embraced Shivaay. She also praised Shivaye on asking that how cute he is.

Tia said that she receives a letter and find it too impressive. Tia also shows the letter to Shivaay which he did not write and he is just stunned to read the same. Shivaay guess must be the letter written by Anika and Mallika as those girls want him to patch up with Tia.

After reading the letter which Tia asked him to read, Shivaay feels awkward and looks on surprisingly. The girls and boys are now at the party looking at their funny avatar.

Precap: Tia asked to Shivaay who was drinking something that posts wedding with him, she will be painting the house in a new colour, purple her favorite.

After hearing so Shiaye seen stunned and he just spits the water on Anika. Everybody now turns shocked, Shivaay and Anika are also go shocked.