Ishqbaaz 17th October 2016 Written Updates Episode! Anika & Shivaay fall in love

Ishqbaaz 17th October 2016 Written Updates Episode! Anika & Shivaay fall in love :- The TV series Ishqbaaz is yet to showcases now that Shivaay to Anika’s Rescue Anika gets into trouble with some men. Shivaay tries to be her knight in the shining armor! Will Anika forget everything and forgive Shivaay, it is yet to clear now. The last night episode of the TV series Ishqbaaz further shows that Anika is misbehaved by some goons when she was walking in the road but Anika just slaps the goon which makes them angry on her and they just almost kidnapped her.


Shivaay’s Oberoi brothers asked him to seek an apology from Anika as well explain to him that she deserves to hear thank you from you as what is she did for the Oberoi family this is incredible. Moreover, she also saved you from the police in case of the Gayatri’s false murder.

Shivaay now gives nod gives nod to seek an apology from Anika and he went on his way. Om and Rudra are happy to see that Shivaay’s this gesture. Now Shivaay rushes to Anika but on his way he is shocked to see that Anika is almost kidnapped.

Now Shivaay just fights with the goons to save Anika and Anika also rushes to him when she sees that the goons are beating Shivaay badly and she just tries to save him which shows the love Shivaay and Anika are having for each other.

Now when Shivaay was almost given up his brothers Om and Rudra arrives there to save Anika and the Oberoi brothers fight with the goons.

Shivaay seeks apology from Anika which makes Anika surprised. In the Oberoi mansion family go worried to see that the Oberoi brothers are wounded but Shivaay asked to them that they are alright so no need to be tensed. Priyanka also asked Dadi that they will be applying for medicine on their wound as Dadi was tensed for the Oberoi brothers.

Anika and Sahil share some close time with each other where Sahil asked Anika that if Shivaay fight with her to the goons then she should surely feel proud for him and Anika thinks about it.

Precap: Shivaay is feeling love for Anika and he is not even aware of it.