Today Epic Twist! Ishqbaaz 17th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Today Epic Twist! Ishqbaaz 17th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The last night episode of the TV series Ishqbaaz begins with Siddharth Visits the Oberois Tej informs Shivaay that the Ranas have sent a legal notice claiming that the Oberois have hidden Malika in order to ruin their reputation. Later, when Siddharth Rana visits the Oberois, Malika tells him why she ran away from the wedding.


The episode of the TV series Ishqbaaz further shows that Tej asked to Shivaay that if Sidharth will come to the Oberoi mansion as he did and enquired about Mallika, it actually ruins the reputation of Oberoi and Tej won’t bear this.

Shivaay also shocked to see so and he also see that Anika is speaking with Mallika and Mallika is asking to her that the time when she was in a relationship with Shivaay it is Shivaay used to solve every problem of her but now Sidharth is a name of a drastic problem whom even Shivaay can’t handle.

Shivaay feels upset to see Mallika is sad to leave the Oberoi mansion as now she has to be with Sidharth whom she thinks is not worthy of her. Anika asked to Shivaay that if he speaks with Sidharth that the issue of Mallika can be solved as Mallika need some chatting with Sidharth to sort out the issue.

Rudra did some funny drama to stop Mallika from leaving the Oberoi mansion as he wants Mallika to stay here. Shivaay asked Dadi that if he can’t help Mallika he will be feeling too helpless. Shivaay as per Anika’s advice decried and call Sidharth to arrive in the Oberoi mansion to sort out his personal issue with Mallika.

When Sidharth had an encounter with Mallika, Mallika asked to him that being an Indian girl she was excited for the wedding and for her first priority was Sidharth, his family, and his work. She also expected that Sidharth will be giving importance to her and her work but she was wrong.

As in the house of Sidharth, there was no importance to her so she runs away from the wedding. Anika and Dadi feel bad for Mallika but Sidharth shows his tantrum that a wife should not think of her career.

Precap: Sidharth’s mom arrived and she humiliated Mallika badly. Mallika feels bad with teary eyes and looked on.