Shivaye Is Angry! Ishqbaaz 19th August 2016 Episode Written Updates

Shivaye Is Angry! Ishqbaaz 19th August 2016 Episode Written Updates :- In the last night episode of the TV series Ishqbaaz, it has been shown that Shivay prepared dinner for home. Rudra says why he is cooking Indian food and Om said because of Anika as now everything goes well with Shivay and Anika.

Ishqbaaz Episode Written Updates

Ishqbaaz Episode Written Updates

Ishqbaaz Episode Written Updates

Rudra and Om help each other on the cooking time of Shivay. Shakti arrives and Shivay somehow forgets to put something on his Saag. When Shivay guess this Rudra asked to him that he forget so as Tez come in the house.

Rudra feels jealous to see Tez proximity with Shivay and Om, but when Shivay feels so he just embraced Rudra and asked to him that for him Rudra is always being special.

Now Shakti remembers how Sarson Ka Saag was favourite for them. Now Shakti and Tez shares good memories. Tez and Shkti laugh together and shares a good time.

Jahnvi arrives and she asked to Shivay that what men are doing in the kitchen as ladies suppose to be here. Pinky also arrives and she said that wow Shivay Bhaiyaa is making Saag. Now Swetlana invites the Oberoi family to come on the dining table.

Jahnvi said that I will come in a while as I am going to arrange sweet dishes. Tez receives the call from someone but he just cut the same. Next scene shows that Anika asked Sahil how he drinks milk today easily and Sahil says that in school he defeated somebody in the fight. Anika asked to him that fighting is not the good thing and then Sahil asked to her that if something like that then why she fight with Shivay.

Now family thinks about Rudra that why he is busy selecting his photos and Rudra says as he needs to impress Rumi and now he is keen to choose a perfect picture of him which is worthy enough to impress Rumi.

Saumya arrives and she makes fun of him but eventually she helps Rudra to select pictures but she also plans to teach him the lesson as he betrayed her once. Stay tuned for more updates on the TV series Ishqbaaz.