Ishqbaaz 19th October 2016 Episode Written Updates! shivaye purpose anika

Ishqbaaz 19th October 2016 Episode Written Updates! shivaye purpose anika :- The TV series Ishqbaaz is yet to showcase that Soumya is to reveal the Romi’s truth Rudra asked Soumya that he has organised a date for her and Rihaan. Later, Soumya decides to reveal Romi’s truth to Rudra. The last night episode of the TV series Ishqbaaz further showcases that Shivaay call to Saumya who disguise as the Love Angel and she also have a friendly chat with her.


Now Saumya is shocked to see that Rudra organises her meeting with Romi and Romi also hugs him. Saumya sees Romi and thinks that now a big disaster is going to happen but still she did not ask anything to Rudra. Rudra also planned to go on a blind date with a beautiful girl.

Shivaay and Anika are now together and Anika makes him sleep. Shivaay asked Anika many things about his love to her but due to Shivaay was intoxicated Anika did not notice him and she left from there.

After waking up in the morning feels embarrassed to remember the cosy moment he shares with Anika and when Priyanka asked to him about it, he just ignores her. Saumya looks worried for Rudra and Priyanka asked to her that Rudra is gone for a blind date.

Saumya thinks that with the girl Rudra went for the blind date she is not the right and she also thinks to reveal the truth of Romi to Rudra anyhow. But Saumya is shocked to find that Rudra’s phone is not reachable and now she is tensed for Rudra.

Anika shares some time with her brother Sahil and Sahil asked Anika that she is too confused. He also asked Anika that why she is going for the Oberoi mansion as once they fires her from the works but Anika asked Sahil that everybody from the Oberoi family seek an apology from her so now she should go in the house to organise the wedding of Shivaay and Tia.

Sahil said okay go there. In the meantime, Shivaay is actually having a pleasant surprised for Anika. In the meantime, seems like Rudra will be in trouble as with whom he went on the blind date she seems like the sceptical girl with a plan.

Precap: Shivaay said thank you to Anika in front of the Oberoi family as well he proposed her for the wedding. Anika and the Oberoi family is surprised now.