Ishqbaaz 1st October 2016 Today Written Updates Episode! Tej & shakti innocence

Ishqbaaz 1st October 2016 Today Written Updates Episode! Tej & shakti innocence :- The TV series Ishqbaaz is now all set to showcase how Shivaay thanks, Anika and Tia forces Shivaay to marry her, and later apologises for her mistake. Omkara, Rudra, and Priyanka give a present to Anika. Later, Anika congratulates Shivaay, while he thanks Anika for arranging everything at such a short notice.


Anyway the last night episode of the TV series Ishqbaaz showcase that Shivaay says surely my brother will be giving nods to my plan of tie know with Tia. Anika did the wedding preparations and asked that she need to go now, but Dadi asked to her how can she go alone it is too late; Om said I will be crop her but Shivaay said that I will be drop her.

Both Shivaay and Anika are now starring at each other and Om, Rudra and Priyanka handover a gift to Anika as they think the time they spent with Anika it was special. Anika initially refused to take it but eventually accepted the gift as for her too the time she went here was the special.

Tia is busy selecting jewelleries for her and she also calls Shivaay to know the preparations but Shivaay is in no interested to speak with her. Anika is in love with Shivaay so she is having pain to see Shivaay’s wedding with Tia.

Now Pinky praised the preparations of Anika as she beautifully decorated the wedding Mandap (Venue) which makes Shivaay upset but still he thinks that he can’t distract his focus. Shivaay is spellbound to see the wedding preparations anyway but Anika and Shivaay both looks upset.

Shivaay and Anika are in car and Shivay finally say ‘Thank You’ to her as she did mesmerizing preparations for the wedding in just short period of time. Anika did not the response to the thanks but she asked to her that after this project her life got changed.

Shivaay also asked to her that after spending time with Anika it is his life also changed which touches’ Anika hearts and she has an eye lock with him.

Precap: Shivaay asked Om that his decision to marry Tia is the ultimate and he now want to save the Oberoi from the defamation case so after the wedding he will be a focus on that. Om looks worried.