Om & Shivaya Fight! Ishqbaaz 20th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Om & Shivaya Fight! Ishqbaaz 20th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The latest crux of the TV series Ishqbaaz is to showcase all about that Malika Leaves with Siddharth Dadi tells the family how Jahnvi is related to Vikram. Malika tries to make Shivaay understand something he failed to realise. Later, Shivaay reads Malika’s thank you letter for Anika.


Much before that Sidharth asked Mallika to go with him and Mallika did her packing, Shivaay helped her to do the packing on that time Mallika asked to Shivaay that he need to go close with Anika as she is totally like him as well she is being competes to him.

But Shivaay refused to believe so and on that issue he has a friendly chat with Mallika. In between their Mallika asked to Shivaay that Anika is perfect for her, she also asked to Shivaay that he should thinks about Anika to extend his life with her.

Vikram asked to Tez that it was something big for him when Jahnvi leaved him for Tez. Tez and Jahnvi looks and Vikram asked to him that but now he moves on his life. Sidharth have a friendly chat with Anika and he asked to her that she is really aware of the art to explain anything to anyone.

Anika feels boast of her that she really aware of it that how we need to explain the important thing. Now other scene shows that Shivaay asked to Mallika when she was busy parsing her that for him social strata is too important that is why he is keen to marry Tia as she is belongs to his standard but Mallika asked to her that mental wavelength need to match up more than social strata.

Mallika leaved with Shivaay. Anika get a bangle and letter initially she consider that bangle must be belongs to Mallika but then she read a sweet letter and she smiles.

Shivaay arrived and she praised her that if today Mallika is with Sidharth all because of her. Anika smiles and feels nice to see Shivaay.

Precap: Shivaay has an argument with Om. Om thinks that women are not meant to be only rear children and make Roti. Shivaay said the women need to compromises for their husband as they always looking forward to having rich husband rather than poor.