Mega Twist! Ishqbaaz 21st October 2016 Today Episode Written Updates

Mega Twist! Ishqbaaz 21st October 2016 Today Episode Written Updates :- The episode starts with Anika reaching near the golden frame. Shivaye stares at her and the song “O Jaana…” starts being played in the background. Shivaye complimented her saying she is cute and pretty. Shivaye was little frustrated due to his employee Mishra’s double bonus demand for Dhanteras. Shivaye rejected the demand and said he would neither grant 3-day leave to Mishra nor will give 3 days bonus to him.


In the meanwhile, Anika enters into Shivaye’s room and asks when he is going to marry. Shivaye wanted to explain something but Anika refused. Shivaye actually wanted to say something about the previous night, but Anika didn’t respond saying “those things had no meaning” as people often say truth when in drunk state.

In another scene, Jhanvi asks Shivaye if he is damn sure about the decision he took about his marriage. Shivaye sounds confident and said that he will think about it before taking any decision. Suddenly, Anika entered into Shivaye’s room. All of sudden music started being played out. Both were feeling the love for each other!

Meanwhile, Rumi enquired from Rudra whether he wants Tia-Shivaye breakup or not. Rudra said is she a supergoddess that she could do anything she wants? Rumi said yes. Rudra left the place.

Now, Tia returns and asks Shivaye that there are lots of functions and events – yet her costume wasn’t ready. But Shivaye insisted that he doesn’t have enough time to look into it. Tia argued and called out Anika, Shivaye was stunned by Anika’s beauty. She looked resplendent in that angelic costume. He looked on.

Amid friendly conversation between these three, Shivaye exclaimed “beautiful” while referring to Anika. Surprised Shivaye then quickly added that he was actually referring to her outfit. When Tia goes out, Shivaye explained to Anika that Tia doesn’t understand everything at which Anika revert him back saying “and you understand everything! Saying this she left the room.

In another scene Soumya and Rumi were holding a discussion. Rumi informed Soumya that Rudra called her mata. Rumi also explained that she has divine powers and is a devi. Soumya thought her Psycho and left the place. Rudra visited Rumi then and was completely taken aback when he saw she was lying in bathtub with lots of female devotees around her.

In the next scene, some romantic thoughts kept moving inside Shivaye’s mind regarding Anika. He was definitely feeling for her.

Precap: Randhwa confirms that Shivaye will marry after Diwali. And he said that real fire crackers will be burnt after Diwali, but only when all hidden secrets of Oberoi family will come out.