Ganpati Special Episode! Ishqbaaz 21st September 2016 Written Updates

Ganpati Special Episode! Ishqbaaz 21st September 2016 Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series Ishqbaaz 20th September 2016 Written Update is all about to showcases when the Oberois on Women’s Equality The Oberoi brothers discuss women’s equality and right to pursue their dreams after marriage. Later, they learn about Jhanvi’s sacrifices when Om was born.


Much before that Shivaay is shocked to see that Om and Rudra are speaking about feminism and Shivaay is stunned to see that even Rudra is supporting female power and girls with Om. Shivaay is surprised as Rudra thinks that the girls are actually tough life.

Regarding the same issue of feminism Om and Shivaay have an argument and Shivaay is unable to believe that the majority of the women can be ambitious and he also refused to believe that in the Oberoi house never distinguish took place on the basis of the gender.

But Om thinks that in the Oberoi house distinguish took place on the basis of gender and about this subject both of them asked questions about the family to hear that Tez actually asked Jahnvi to compromised her career for the sake of Om, Rudra and Priyanka’s upbringing.

Shivaay is now speechless and Om dare to ask his dad Tez that why only mum sacrificed her career as we are children of both of you but before Tez could say anything Dadi asked Om that regarding Jahnvi’s sacrifices it is not only Om responsible, actually we whole family is responsible for it. The entire family is shattered now to know the truth.

Rudra also asked his dad that he is feeling bad for mom as his mom sacrificed her life for them, Dadi also feels bad. He asked Tez that whenever on my childhood days I asked mom that I want to be batman, he never laugh at me, in fact, she make me wear mask to encouraged me.

He asked his dad that why he never gives mom a single chance to be CEO of the office as mom deserves and still I love her a lot. Dadi announced that we will seek an apology from JAhnvi as her dreams break because of the family.

On that time Pinky says Bahus’ dreams always broke in this house. Shivaye says, mom….. They all get surprised and peep at Pinky.

Precap: The Oberoi siblings bring Ganapati Murti (Statue) and Dadi is happy.