Gayatri Comes Oberois House! Ishqbaaz 22nd September 2016 Written Updates

Gayatri Comes Oberois House! Ishqbaaz 22nd September 2016 Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series Ishqbaaz showcase that the Oberois brothers get Ganesha idol in home Pinki apologises to Dadi, who tries to prove her point when Pinki blames her of being biased towards Janhvi. Later, the Oberoi brothers and Priyanka bring Lord Ganesh’s idol home.


In the mean time when Pinki asked to Dadi that in the Oberoi’s hosue the Bahu’s are having breaking or loosing of their dreams, Shivaay asked to her Mom. Pinki doesn’t like this and feels sad to realise that her own son is ashamed of her.

Pinki got teary eyes and she hugs Dadi. Dadi also got teary eyes and Pinki speaks about her childhood life, she said she also thinks that being in the Oberoi house she is just a side kick, Dadi feels emotional of it.

Rudra asked to Shivaay that Pinki Chachi is making us cry, Rudra further asked that even Priyanka who feels difficult to speak, she evne speak for Chavhi. Shivaay feels bad and thinks that it was wrong for him to being rude with his mom.

Tez asked to Priyanka that he never differences among his kids and Dadi asked to the family that now they need to do the Puja of Ganapati. Dadi asked Anika to help Priyanka in order to arrange the Puja. Rudra go excited to hear that Saumya is also coming in the Puja.

In the entire Puja Shivaay just keep starring at Anika but Anika did not notice the same. Anika also feels that Rudra likes Saumya that is why he is waiting for her.

Precap: Anika walks towards the Dhol, while it’s kept far. Gayatri cuts the Dhol side layer with a knife and comes out. Anika looks at that side.