ACP Rathore handling this case! Ishqbaaz 24th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

ACP Rathore handling this case! Ishqbaaz 24th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The last night episode of the TV series Ishqbaaz begins with Gayatri accuses Tej and Shakti the police demand for the CD that Gayatri was trying to steal from the Oberoi Mansion. Later, Gayatri accuses Tej and Shakti of a serious crime that Tez and Shivaay actually killed her husband.


She also asked to police that a girl commits suicide because of this Tez and Shakti Oberoi. Shakti looks worried and Tez asked to police that he is going to suspend this officer and Shivaay also raised voice against the inspector but Om said to Shivaay we need to research on it and can’t blame Gayatri all alone.

Finally, the police arrested Shakti and Tez which keep Jahnvi shattered and she started crying. Pinky and Priyanka consoles Jahnvi and Pinky is also sure about it that Shivaay is going to bring Shakti and Tez in the home. The girl in the video asked that she is killing herself only for Shakti and Tez as the Oberois ruin her family and their life.

Now she is having no option rather than killing herself, Shakti, Om, and Rudra consoles Dadi but Dadi is sceptical that if Tez and Shakti are innocent then okay but if their allegations proved true then nobody can save them.

Om and Shivaay have an argument regarding this issue that Shivaay said that he is very sure that his dad and uncle did not do any crime but Om said that we first need to research on it then we can say anything.

Rudra sees disheartened, Sahil calls Anika but Anika did not receive the phone. Sahil was sick and when Anika come Bua Ji asked to her that she was busy did not receive phone and Sahil also right now angry on Anika. Anika tries to patch up with Sahil but all goes in vain.

Anika asked Dadi much before that she can stay in the Oberoi mansion for the night as she is worried for uncles but Dadi asked Anika that she can go so Anika now leaves to her house.

And Shivaay received a call from police that for tonight Shakti and Tez will have to stay in jail. The family is seen worried now and Shivaay turns angry. Rudra thinks nobody can dare to keep such a huge business tycoon Oberoi’s behind the bar, surely matter is serious.

Precap: Shivaay announced that he is keen to know who is actually behind the Oberois to ruin their reputation.