Today Ganpati Visarjan! Ishqbaaz 25th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Today Ganpati Visarjan! Ishqbaaz 25th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The TV series Ishqbaaz is now keen to focus on how Shivaay refuses to do the Ganapati Puja as Shivaay and his brothers are shocked about the allegations made by his father and uncle. He refuses to do the ritual till his father and uncle return. Will they will be able to prove both Shakti and Tez innocent it is yet to clear anyway.


Let’s have some glimpses of the last night episode of the TV series Ishqbaaz in which it has been shown that Shivaay is upset and disheartened to see that his dad and Bade Papa is in the jail, and he announced that he will not doing the Ganapati Puja till his dad and Bade Papa will not out.

He also said that he and his Oberoi family never did anything which can hurt the sentiments of god then why he is taking exam from him and his family. Shivaay also announced that he will not be part of the Visarjan as his dad and Bade Papa is in the jail so now how he can focus on the festival but Dadi wants to see that Visarjan as it is part of the rituals’.

Shivaay also shares an emotional time with his brothers Om and Rudra with teary eyes. Tia feels jealous to see that Dadi si praising Anika and she also asked Anika to let Shivaay agree for the Visarjan. Tia feels jealous that how Anika can be so close to her fiancé Shivaay.

Shivaay is busy arranging advocate India’s top most advocate to let both Shakti and Tez out of the bar as he is sure that his dad and Bade Papa is the innocent but Om is still sceptical of the issue and keen to k now who is doing these all to ruin the Oberoi’s images.

Shivaay sees Anika and he scolded her that he won’t be part of the Visarjan. She tries to make him understand for the sake of Dadi’s happiness they need to do the Visarjan but Shivaay is till stubborn.

Precap: Anika declares that she will be doing the Visarjan. Priyanka said she will be also joins her then the entire women of the Oberoi house said the same.

Anika said then so what if this year boys of the Oberoi house will not doing the Visarjan of Ganapati (Departure of god) this year all the girls from the Oberoi house will be doing the same. Om and Rudra look at Anika.