Shivaye pants gets torn! Ishqbaaz 27th August 2016 Written Updates

Shivaye pants gets torn! Ishqbaaz 27th August 2016 Written Updates :- The show starts with Dadi asking Shivaye to drop Anika. Both of them says No. But, Dadi insisted them to go. Shivaye went in his car and he started song and song “Bheege Haut Tere” was playing and he checked the tuner to change the song but Anika stops him.


Some time before, Shivaye asked Anika why she pushed him in the pool. She asked her muffler was burning and who wears muffler in this season. They both argues and Om and Rudrs looks each other and think they both cannot leave without fighting.

Then, Shivaye Anika why she is roaming with a candle? Anika says its candle cake. He asked is today her birthday? Anika says everyone is asking the same question from me. Then, she told him that this cake is for celebrating his success as he found silver in his mine. Rudra and Om shocks and asks each other do we have mine?

Shivayee says I was talking about PV Sindhu winning the silver medal. Later, Anika apologises to Om and Rudra and leaves. Shivaay says she is middle-class people and she is very greedy. Om says how you could tell about her, even our Dada Prithviraj was from middle-class family, does he was the greedy and low class? Rudra comes and asked them can we just eat cake?

Meanwhile, Dadi asked her cook to prepare all the Janmasthmi food. Soumya looks on and Rudra tells her that she must be feeling happy as she likes food. They both argues.

Dadi told them that it’s Krishna’s birthday and that’s why we used to celebrate his birthday by preparing 108 bhog and then we used to eat. Shivaye says I don’t like all these. Rudra and Soumya again argues. Shivayee asked them to stop. Omi told Rudra to not misbehave with her sister.

Rudra says even I have brother and hugs to Shivayye. Shivayee say who are you? Rudra says I don’t need anyone. Rudi says I her to get meet Rumi and Om says I need to go to meet Riddhimaa. Dadi says fine but is back before midnight. She asked Shivaaye to think about his marriage.

Shivaaye and Naika were in the car. Shivaay runs audio player and “Kar Gayi Chul” songs plays. Anika dances and Shivaaye changes the song. And then, “Bheenge Hoth Tere” plays. Anika stops him from changing the music. They share the moment of little bit romance.


In the upcoming episode, Anika says you had to take left. Shivaye applies brakes suddenly and she gets hurt. He asks are you fine. She asks how can I be fine, you broke my knee. He says come, I will drop you. She says I will go. He holds her and takes her to her house. He sits on the sofa chair. She says you sat on that chair, Sahil does arts and crafts on it. He asks so? She says solid glue fell on it and I forgot to clean it. He gets up and his pant gets torn. They both get shocked by the tearing sound. He sits back feeling embarrassed.