Ishqbaaz 28th October 2016 Today Episode Written Updates Police arrested Om

Ishqbaaz 28th October 2016 Today Episode Written Updates Police arrested Om : The last night episode of the TV series ‘Ishqbaaaz’ starts with Anika asked to Shivaay that she saw Tia is to embrace a mystery man behind the tree, she also asked to him that she thought it is you but he was a mystery man anyway.\


Eventually, Anika realized that it was Shivaay speaking on the phone to someone else by using earphones so obviously he did not hear anything anyway. Anika is furious to realize that Shivaay did not hear anything and looked on, to left.

Ishqbaaz 28th October 2016 Written Updates

The previous episode of the show was just an intensely emotional as well as romantic where Shivaye takes Anika inside the house and said to her that she need some rest now so she can rest here. Anika looks confused and goes emotionally.

Now Shivaay thinks that Anika likes him and she is keen to confess her feelings to her but Anika was in the mood to reveal him that fact that she saw Tia with a mystery man which proved that Tia is actually deceiving him.

So now Shivaay keeps interrupting her and doesn’t let her speak anything. Anika is now a bit hesitant to reveal the truth to Shivaay about Tia’s truth and Shivaye thinks contradictory that Anika is yet to gather courage in order to propose her.

Now finally after a bit later Shivaay decided that he will be handling the situation if Anika confesses her love to him. Tia comes inside the room, so Anika stays mute. So till now Anika unable to reveal Tia’s truth to Shivaay which is making her tensed now.

Anika now asked Shivaay to drop her in home with the hope to reveal the truth about Tia, but in the car also Shivaay kept interrupting Anika which makes her annoyed and finally Shivaay asked to her to make her more confuse that he is aware of it what Anika want him to tell which makes Anika surprised and stunned.

Anika gets confused about Shivaay now that he is marrying Tia despite knowing her fact and now Shivaay asked to her that he is aware of it that she likes him but he can’t go the extent of that which makes Anika irritated.

Anika now out of annoyance asked to him that it was not her confession, she wanted to speak something else to him which is very crucial and now Shivaay wonders what was crucial she wanted to ask to him.

Soumya and Rudra come across each other in the study room, and Rudra blames her that she is a desperate as she is lost from Reyaan, coming to the point of Gayatri’s murder mystery that ACP calms down Priyanka and plans future meetings to use her as he is keen to find out the truth of Gayatri’s murder.

Priyanka goes to Om and tells about her meeting with ACP which makes Om anxious as he thinks that there must be someone who is aware of the reality which the secret we are having. On the other hand, Anaka keeps muttering to herself as she leaves Shivaay’s car. She keeps wondering about Tia and looking forward to having a way to disclose Tia’s secret.

Bhua overhears her talking to herself and suggests her to look for some clues in order to reveal Tia and Anika think that she is not having just a single clue against Tia actually more than.