Ishqbaaz 2nd October 2016 Written Updates Episode! Today Shivaye tia marriage

Ishqbaaz 2nd October 2016 Written Updates Episode! Today Shivaye tia marriage :- The episode starts with Shivay’s wish if he could prove the innocence of Tej and Shakti. Then Shivaye asked Anika if he could say something to her. Then both agreed to meet tomorrow. Shivaye agreed to drop her home. But Anika responded with NO.


Shivaye was reluctant to leave the place. “You can go, but I will stay here”, stated Shivaye. Anika got down from the car to talk to Shivaye. In the background, the song ‘khoya….khoya…rehta song began playing. Soon Anika left the place.

In another scene, Jhanvi went to Pinky to let her look a necklace, but Jhanvi was lost in deep thoughts. When Jhanvi insisted Pinky disclosed that she saw CD girl. “How is it possible? That girl died 5-year back, said Jhanvi in a tensed mood. However, Jhanvi asked Pinky to focus on Shivay and Tia’s marriage and forget everything else.
Likewise, Anika was also lost in thought with a spoon in her mouth – she was thinking something seriously. Sahil wanted to know what’s wrong with her, but Anika asked him to complete his meal first.

In another scene, three brothers; Shivaye, Om and Rudra were sitting at the pool side together. Rudra teased that Shivaye was doing this for last time since he is getting married. “I will be brother even then, Shivaye responded back quickly. Rudra contradicted saying that someone else (read Shivay’s future wife) will have right on Shivay post his marriage.

“Then we can’t sit like this at night anymore, Om said. Three brothers were wondering will they be able to retain the same bonhomie that they shared before marriage! Then three brothers promised to remain as friendly as ever exclaiming one for all and all for one.

On the other hand, Sahil and Anika saw a horror movie together. Then Anika also saw another movie advertisement of Fukat Raja, which became the huge hit within a month after its screening. Anika then went to sleep. But she got a disturbed sleep and watched TV at late night. Suddenly she saw a poster and recalled that lady in the CD video. She felt that now she could easily prove Tej and Shakti innocent.

Meanwhile, before marriage, Shivaye was thinking that why was he marrying Tia? Is it just because of votes of Tia’s parents? Next day, Shivaye sits in the mandap and was gearing up for the wedding. Tia was with Priyanka and Jhanvi. In the next episode, Shivaye and Tia are gearing up for marriage but Om looked surprised as something unprecedented happened there.