Ishqbaaz 31st October 2016 Episode Written Updates! Rudra gets Shocked

Ishqbaaz 31st October 2016 Episode Written Updates! Rudra gets Shocked : STAR PLUS the most efficient entertaining show, Ishqbaaz looks like an interesting current program, which gives the inherent voltage potential that drives to the Ishqbaaz supporters.


Ishqbaaz 31st October 2016 Written Updates

The outstanding TV series Ishqbaaz expressly made to give goose bumps to the watchers with its never lost dilemma way and unmistakably, the latest crux of the program is to showcase in the recent episodes that, Rudra and Rumi are lying on the bed and Rumi’s gathered father says sorry, I didn’t know darshan is occurring here, I don’t wish to meddle in your protection.

He goes, Rudra tells Rumi your father has seen us together in your bed. Rumi says I m Devi, our resting like this is not a transgression, we have ended up a couple. Rudra gets stunned and asks what. She says a couple.
Where In the latest episode, Anika says I m sorry Tia, I really did a noteworthy misunderstanding. Tia says it’s okay if you are really saying sorry, the universe will no ifs and or buts pardon you. Anika says you are uncommonly OK Tia.

Tia gets decreased. Rudra says everything will get fine, it’s all standard. He gets Rumi’s call. She asks will you speak with your Devi like this.

He says you, What’s more, murmurs why did I answer her call. She asks regarding why did you not answer my calls and after that, He tells I was resting.

She says I know you were not resting, I called you to teach you to get back home today night to meet me. He says it’s impossible. She says don’t make me enraged, don’t be late. She closes call. He says why does this happen with me for the most part, her Divya Dhrishti.

Shivaye says I m sorry again Tia. She says we should ignore it, there is something chafing me, I know Anika is a greatly nice young woman.

Since our marriage announcement, her direct got peculiar as if there is something in her heart, she is vexed about something, she is not happy, yet rather you know I m so fragile and overthink, at any rate, farewell. She gets out. He looks on.

Rudra comes to meet Rumi and gets her out and after that, She comes to him and says you came to Rudra Dev, come rests. He asks what might you want to do. She says I have to give you darshan.

He says I needn’t bother with any darshan. She says its Devi’s yearning and pushes him to the divider. He says if Devi needs to give darshan, she will give darshan.

He says I m feeling frightened, let me go home. She says don’t be startled, you came in my Sharan, close your eyes and go with me.