Ishqbaaz 3rd November 2016 Today Written Updates! Rudra & Soumya get shocked

Ishqbaaz 3rd November 2016 Today Written Updates! Rudra & Soumya get shocked :- STAR PLUS most fabulous interesting program, Ishqbaaz looks like an extraordinary entertaining show, which gives the crucial voltage performing the loop that shifts to the Ishqbaaz supporters.


Ishqbaaz 3rd November 2016 Written Update

The standard TV series Ishqbaaz definitely made to give goose bumps to the spectators with its never succeeding dilemma way and prominently, the strong crux of the program is to showcase in the current episode that, Rudra and Soumya are headed. They get stunned seeing Rumi in wedding dress coming infront of his auto. Rumi gets to his window and gazes at him.

Where In the latest episode,Soumya sees him conversing with himself and says Rudra, is everything okay. He says yes, what are you doing here. She tells I was going to meet Reyaan.

He says failure and thinks perhaps that edge made her look pretty, now she looks typical, fat and short, don’t recognize what transpires. She asks would you be able to drop me till auto stand.
He says yes and she advises her exploration on rickshaw walas. He supposes she is so bothering, I get that lovely assaults simply like that, who will call her beautiful.

Om records voice message for Riddhima and says you did separation with me by sending a video message, did you like my closeness so awful that you gave torment from in this way,

You asked me what esteem you have in my life, what should I reply, I m fragmented, Riddhima I miss you, please return.

He sends the message. Shivaye comes and holds Om. He asks what’s going on. Om says nothing, I m approve. Shivaye says you get got, don’t lie.

I m seeing same issue all over which I have seen two years back when you close out me from your life totally, I didn’t recognize what is happening in your life and truly lost you, we chose whatever great and awful happens in our life.

we won’t shroud it, why are you concealing your issue from me, you can’t lie, your eyes are valid. Om grins and says there is nothing such, I m simply working late and did not get great rest.

I m simply drained, so your internal artist finds my eyes tragic, that is all, in any case, I need to finish a statue, its due date.