Anika Argues With Shivaye! Ishqbaaz 4th August 2016 Episode Written Updates

Anika Argues With Shivaye! Ishqbaaz 4th August 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series Ishbaaz begin with Saumya is coming in the Oberoi mansion where she goes gaga on seeing the mansion. She now sees Om and he is with his girlfriend and he is totally broken down on thinking about Shivay and how he is.

Ishqbaaz Episode Written Updates

Ishqbaaz Episode Written Updates

Om girl friend gives assurance of it that Shivay must be safe and they were almost about to catch Saumya as Saumya by chance push a flower vase. They are shocked to see that the flower vase is broken down in to pieces.
But due to Saumya hides they did not get to see her but she cuts her hands when she come to pick the glasses pieces to run away from there when she sees that Oberoi are coming.

In the mean time, the news says that in the chopper everybody has been died till now as the chopper has been blasted after meeting with an accident. Everybody is worried there including Anika.

Dadi is broken down in tears to see that Shivay’s mom is coming and she is saying Shivay is with her. Om’s mother tries to explain her that Shivay’s chopper meet with an accident but she is keep saying that my son is with me.
Now the family is happy to see that Shivay is coming and he is safe. Anika is also sighing to see that he is okay.

Om asked to Anika that thanks god you did not let him go. Om asked Shivay to say thanks to Anika but instead he hugs Tia and also says thanks to him.

Tia tries to make fun of Tia with her poor Hindi but Shivay has been seen scolding Anika for that. So Tia hugs now Shivay which makes Anika upset but she is unable to realise that why she is feeling like that as she is till now neither sure about it whether she loves Shivay or not.

Precap: Anika asked to Shivay that sorry for whatever she did but Shivay says I am not sorry. Anika feels humiliation with that and she calls Shivay a crazy who needs a treatment in her funny style.