Anika blames Shivaye! Ishqbaaz 6th August 2016 Today Episode Written Updates

Anika blames Shivaye! Ishqbaaz 6th August 2016 Today Episode Written Updates :- The Episode starts with Shivaye telling I won’t thank Anika. Om asked Rudra about his relation with Soumya. Soumya told him whatever be the relation but guys just want one thing. Meanwhile, Shivaye and Anika were speaking against each other. Boys versus girl gang kind of stuff were shown.


Ishqbaaz Today Episode Written Updates

Prior to this, Anika asked shall I get water for you? Shivaye asks her not to think. Anika replied him that I have to do Billu’s marriage preparations. He told her that just my Dadi calls me this. She asked what? He says Billu and she say him that I don’t want to call you Billu as I know just your Dadi calls you Billu.

He recalls everyone’s words and says whatever happened, I wanted to say…. Anika told him that I understood as I was such a donkey. He replied yes and says so many medicines and many signs, its clear, I did not understand this, after seeing many things in front of me, I m sorry for everything.

She tells those who are ill, say anything and that’s why I think why your family bears your misbehavior because you are mad. Then, a comical They argues and everyone sees the house shaken. Shivaye shouts shut up. Ishana is leaving and thinks she left expensive watch by falling in emotions and stops seeing the showpiece and says I should take this as shagun from inlaws.

Om saw her and calls out Bela and she says I heard this name somewhere as its my name. She turns and sees Om.

She saw Om and Om asked hi why you were here? She replied him that She told him that ” actually, she came to meet him as she heard the news about your brother on tv, so I thought if you were with me in my problems, I should be with you in your difficult time.

He thanked her and asked what happened to your hand? She replied it is wound. He calls Riddhima to make her meet Bela. Ishana worries and hides as Om told Riddhima that he wanted her to meet Bela as she saw Shivaye’s news and came to meet me. She says I wanted you to meet Mala, she disappeared and he says even Bela disappeared.

Dadi asked where is Anika? Rudra says Anika went to Shivaye’s room, he is going to thanked her as its difficult thing and he needs time. Dadi says its good day today and Shivaye and Anika will change, marriage will happen well.

Anika and Shivaye argue. Dadi, Om, and Rudra look on and both Anika and Shivaye were fighting. Dadi tries to calm them down.

Pinky ties the thread to Shivaye’s pic. Shakti and what is she doing, pandit asked her to tie the thread to Shivaye’s hand. and she says he is like you and he won’t let me tie, its wi-fi times, its fine to tie on the thread.

He told pandit is coming to tell a good mahurat for Shivaye and Tia’s marriage. Pinky says yes, pandit said Shivaye will have good future and long life after marrying Tia, but its strange, he got saved now because of Anika.

Shivaye, Om, and Rudra have tea, sitting at pool side. Om tells Shivaye about special tea Killed (served in clay cup). Shivaye says I just drink coffee, but I will have tea now. Rudra says Killed Killed and they laugh. Anika is annoyed thinking of Shivaye. She says its good work got over. Priyanka comes and asks her to come.

Priyanka gets Anika to girls’ room. Anika sees Soumya, Riddhima, and Tia. Tia asks Anika did Shivaye say thank you. Shivaye says she is mad and calling me mad, I will never say thanks to her. Riddhima says boys are arrogant, they can’t say thanks. Om says you can say thanks, keep ego at a side, Anika is your angel, she saved your life, your attitude is the problem. Anika says he has tons of attitude as if he bought attitude in wholesale, sorry Tia, I had to say this about your future husband, but its true. Shivaye asks them to tell Anika to talk well, don’t know her upbringing. Soumya says its problem of upbringing, girls are stopped for everything and boys are allowed to do everything, girls are asked to forgive everyone, girls are ready to melt. Rudra says Rumi is not melting, just icecreams melts, not girls. Om asks who is Rumi now, stop imagining.

Rudra says no, she really exists. Om says I don’t get sleep if I don’t say sorry, just say thanks to her Shivaye. Priyanka says some people need time to realize and admit it. Shivaye says I m not interested in thanking her. Anika says I m not interested in receiving his thanks, I believe in savings like I save water, money, and electricity, I saved his life, whats the big thing. Shivaye says that’s the big deal, girls are like that, they look innocent from far and are something else from close. Rudra says right, even Soumya looks innocent, but is not.

They ask Rudra whats his connection with Soumya. Soumya says the connection is just in the beginning, then guys just want one thing. Anika asks what and looks at other girls. She asks to tell me. She makes a face and says oh, those cheap guys. Soumya says at first, they show they are interested in soul, but boys are interested in our body, they are so mean, we should also get mean. Rudra says I m not mean, Rumi was standing in front of me.

Om asks Shivaye to say thanks to Anika and asks Rudra to say sorry to Soumya. Tia says we should clean aura and have positive thoughts, Shivaye is so caring, all guys are not same, Shivaye will realize his mistake and thank Anika, I will send Reiki. Anika gets confuses about Reiki, and asks will you go home and send that by courier. Tia says nop, its our thoughts and you just see Shivaye will thank you. Om and Shivaye ask Rudra to say sorry to Soumya. Rudra asks Shivaye to say thanks to Anika first. Anika says don’t take SSO’s name now, else I will get bad dreams. The girls ask SSO. Anika says Shivaye Singh Oberoi. Shivaye says don’t take her name now.


In the upcoming episode, Om will ask Rudra to say sorry to Soumya, else his pimple won’t go off his face. Rudra gives his credit card to Soumya. He asks Soumya to buy a new dress whenever he hurts her. She cuts his card and throws water on his face. Anika blames Shivaye for teaching this to Rudra. Shivaye says I know Anika taught Soumya to throw water on Rudra.