Scary Person Attack with Knife! Ishqbaaz 6th September 2016 Written Updates

Scary Person Attack with Knife! Ishqbaaz 6th September 2016 Written Updates :- In the Star Plus’ hit show, Ishqbaaz, Mallika (Surbhi Jyoti) has entered in the show. Although, Surbhi’s entry has been awaited since a long time, and obviously her entry has risen many speculations related to the show!


Audiences absolutely love Surbhi aka Mallika’s entry to see and after her entry into the Shivaye’s life she is just having good times with him. It means the break of Mallika with her ex-flame Shivaay doesn’t affect her friendship with him.

Her character is positive, as of now. And she also claimed that she actually dumb Shivay so now his mother Pinky doesn’t need to be skeptical of her as she doesn’t wish to be back in Shivaye’s life.

Her entry has brought a lot of fresh air and humor in the show. As we all know Shivaye’s wedding has been fixed with Tia but still Shivaay and Anika are having some budding romance to happen with each other.

Now Shivaay is all set to marry Tia soon. The latest crux of the show Ishqbaaz is all about whether Mallika’s entry at this point of the time will be affected Shivaay and Anika’s budding romance or his wedding with Tia.

Mallika ran away on the day of her wedding to Siddharth Vikram Rana and he is actually a business rival of Shivaay. She arrives at the Oberoi mansion and thinks to have help from him.

As per the current track, Oberoi brothers along with Saumya and Anika think to for help Mallika in her this crucial decision. Mallika also confesses the exact reason behind her ‘run away’ from her wedding. Afterward of this discussion Mallika also went emotional.

Somehow Shivaay, while trying to cheer up Mallika, calls girls ‘weak’, which lead to a new argument and the girls’ gang, consider that girls are not weak at all. The upcoming episodes of the show will be funny as the girls will be seen scarring the Oberoi boys. Stay tuned for more updates on the TV series Ishqbaaz.