Shocking Twist! Ishqbaaz 7th October 2016 Written Updates Episode

Shocking Twist! Ishqbaaz 7th October 2016 Written Updates Episode :-The TV series Ishqbaaz is now yet to showcases that a formal proposal will be coming for Priyanka from the Chabras. And Shivaay tells Tej that the police have dropped all charges against them. Meanwhile, the Chhabras want Priyanka to marry their son. Later, Shivaay learns about Gayatri and Tej thanks, Anika!


The yesterday night episodes of the TV series Ishqbaaz further shows that Shivaay asked to Rudra and Om that he managed to done the takeover of the Shaswat and company. Rudra and Om praised Anika and Om also said that because of him today Papa and Chhothe Papa is the free.

Shivaay looks on and think of Anika. Pinky shows the Oberoi family a video which indicates that the girl was the fake who alleged Shakti and Tez Oberoi for her death as she is a cheap model. Jahnvi asked the family that the rich business man the Chabras will become to see Priyanka.

Jahnvi asked the family that she is busy fixing Priyanka’s wedding, Om asked to her that is she is keen to marry now, Priyanka said she will listen to her mom. Shakti personally say thank you to Anika as she plays a major role to solve this issue of Shakti and Tez Oberoi.

But Anika said that it was her duty to the family which she follows. Shivaay feels something on see Anika and he also praised her wisdom in his heart. When Shivaay speaks with Anika about the issue he just goes gaga to see Anika’s cute gestures.

Shivaay on the other hand asked his men to look after Gayatri, he said that he is keen to know about Gayatri and he asked his men to collect each and every information’s of Gayatri as he is keen to know why she is after the Oberoi family.

Precap: Chabbras come in the Oberoi mansion. Priyanka smiles seeing the guy. Anika asked Soumya, the guy is cute right. Soumya asked Anika that he is not cute, he is a creep. Anika asks Soumya what is the matter, tell it now unless Priyanka’s life will be ruin.

Saumya with her teary eyes asked something about the guy which keep Anika shocked and Anika asked Saumya and Priyanka we have to discuss this with Billu Ji anyhow.