Shivaye is angry! Ishqbaaz 8th September 2016 Episode Written Updates

Shivaye is angry! Ishqbaaz 8th September 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series Ishqbaaz begins with it is raining heavily outside, and Anika is waiting for the vehicle by which she can move to her house. At that time, Dadi asks her to stay back, as it will not right for her to go home alone on this raining being a girl.

Ishqbaaz Written Updates

Ishqbaaz Written Updates

Ishqbaaz Episode Written Updates

The family members also insist her to stay and finally Anika gives the nod. The girl’s gang including Anika, Malika, and Saumya decided to spend the night by watching a horror movie together.

The girls now start discussing the movie, and Saumya tells that this is the scariest movie which she has watched in her life. They now give a nod to watch the same. But suddenly Shivay arrives to make fun of the girls.
He says that if the girls are having strong mental strength, then they need to watch the movie alone to prove that they are brave enough. Now the girls plan something against the boys.

As per planning, Mallika tries to make Om scared by wearing a mask but Om laughs on seeing Mallika in this mask. Saumya also gives a false snake to Anika to scared Shivay with actually catches the fake snake and asked Anika that this is the mental strength he and Om are having.

Mallika asked to Anika and Saumya that it will be very difficult for them to scared strong headed persons like Shivay and Om, so the girls decided to give up.

Now we can guess that there is love in the air in the Oberoi house as once when Anika gets caught in a poisonous gas leak attack on the Oberoi mansion, in that time Shivaay save her by putting his own life at risk. So now we can think that Anika and Shivay are falling for each other.

In the final time of the episode, the girls have been seen discussing here and there talk in which the last night episode of the TV series Ishqbaaz come to an end.