New Twist! Ishqbaaz 9th September 2016 Today Episode Written Updates

New Twist! Ishqbaaz 9th September 2016 Today Episode Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series Ishqbaaz 8th begins with Shivay is in the home and he shocked to see that there is someone on his bed. Shivay did not realise her that she was Anika and Mallika and he literally got scared. Shivay screams but he is in no mood to accept that he screams.


Ishqbaaz Today Episode Written Updates

Dadi arrives there and she asked to Shivay that actually she was with the girls to make him scared. Shivay feels somehow strange that how can Dadi supports the girls in order to make me scared as the end of the day she is my Dadi.
But Dadi asked to him it is ultimately girls’ power win and both Anika and Mallika started making fun of him.

Shivay keep doing argument with the girls that he did not scare but girls are busy teasing him and he now left to office.

Mallika also surprised to know that Anika and Shivay always engaged in funny fight aka Nokh Jonkh which Mallika consider as funny but Anika asked to her that Shivay is not funny.

Tia Suspects Shivaay on something and for that she even confronts him. Shivay is in no mood to reveal to Tia actually he got scared thinking of some ghost as it will harm his manly image.

Tia now suspecting Shivay as Tia is too angry on him. So the youngsters’ of the family including Anika, Mallika, Rudra, Om, and Saumya thinks to mend Shivaay and Tia’s relationship with each other.

For that, the five-some discuss a plan and thinks to organise a party for the same. They also asked Rudra to bring Tia in the party. And it is actually they plan to write an apology letter from the Shivay’s side for Tia to hand over the same to Tia.

Jahnvi doubt that may be Swetalana is back on the Tez’s life and Pinky asked about the same to him. Tez became very angry but he makes it clear that Swetlana is his past and Tez Singh Oberoi never looked back in the past.
Precap: Om and Rudra standing together and thinking something.