Islamic State Posts Video French Normandy Church Attackers Pledged Allegiance

Islamic State Posts Video French Normandy Church Attackers Pledged Allegiance :- The terrorism has been ultimate face of death and fear in the world for a long time. The various incidents have taken place in the past that depicted the cruel intention of the terrorists.


In recent past few years, the human mankind is under the threat of  Islamic State terrorism agency. The IS agency is threatening the whole world in recent times and has evicted many lives on this Planet.

The Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is the leader of this terrorist agency and he is the main face of the emergence of terror in this century. Although the news came that he was dead and people started believing that they are now free from the ISIS.

But, now news is coming out that a video has been posted and two men are featuring in this video and they are seen pledging for the IS.

This video is posted by the Islamic State news agency ‘Amaq News’ and they have posted this video a day after these two men slit the throat of a priest in the Normandy.

it is believed that two guys who are featuring in this video are the guy who attacked the Church in France and their names are Abu Omar and Abu Jalil.

Meanwhile, these both are seen in this video pledging their loyalty towards the leader of Islamic State leader ‘Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’.

This video clearly shows the devotion of the IS man’s towards their leader. Meanwhile, it also gives a strong message to all the countries that they need to clean the IS from its root, otherwise, it will keep on growing its stem at every corner of the world.