Shocking! Israeli Chinese Army Bans Hong Kong Pokemon Go Players

Shocking! Israeli-Chinese Army Bans Hong Kong Pokemon Go Players :- Pokemon Go launched on Monday in Hong Kong and it was found that the citizens are more glued to their phones than ever, in search of the cyber monsters in locations different locations.


The app uses Navigation location system, graphics and camera capabilities to seize cartoon monsters on real-world settings, that tempt the players to catch them all and challenge other players.

Government departments and even the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to warned the app players to stay off their property.

The incidents caused by the game has faced some special restrictions and warnings, with reports of players wandering into restricted zones, will face either being injured or becoming crime victims.

A PLA representative said the city’s barracks were highly restrictive zones.

“Military barracks are banned premises under Hong Kong law. Without special permission of the commanding officer, no one is permitted to enter such areas,” he told AFP.

The force warned the residents to be alert of their surroundings while playing the game.

“while playing the game, stay alert to your surroundings to avoid any mishaps,” said a police video posted on Facebook.

“Police report rooms are for people for those who needs police services, players are not permitted to play the game, be a smart player!”

A warning sign at a construction site also restricts players to enter the area even if app leads.

In Indonesia, a French player was stopped and interrogated for several hours after the gaming app leads him to a military base camp.

A while back there were two youngsters who are lured into the game and they are unaware of their surroundings they mistakenly crossed the US border.

Some Pokemon Go players were even despoiled after being lured away to remote areas in search of the virtual creatures, according to US reports. Other panicked players have been charged for causing the traffic collisions.

A crowd of people in the city’s parks and office buildings Tuesday, playing the mythical creature based game and all trying to catch them.

The app has now been landed in more than 40 countries covering US, Japan and much of Europe. Japanese firms started its creature franchise 20 years ago.