ISRO Gaganyaan Mission gets approved by Union Cabinet along with clearing Rs 10,000 crore budget

ISRO Gaganyaan Mission gets approved by Union Cabinet along with clearing Rs 10,000 crore budget: On Friday, the Union Cabinet has given the green signal to India’s first crewed mission to space known as Gaganyaan. The Union Cabinet has also cleared a budget of Rs 10,000 crore for Gaganyaan mission program.

Gaganyaan: Centre approves Rs 10,000 crore for a human space mission

Gaganyaan is a crewed orbital spacecraft of India which is projected to be the foundation of the Indian Human Spaceflight Programme. The spacecraft is designed in such a way that it can carry three people, and a calculated advanced version will be fortified with meetings and cut off proficiency. In its earliest crewed operation, Indian Space Research Organisation’s principally self-directed 3.7-tonne capsule will circle the Earth at 400 km (250 mi) height. The mission will be of seven days with a three person aircrew on board. The crewed mission is scheduled to be launched on ISRO’s GSLV Mk III in the year 2021. On 18 December 2014, the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) manufactured crew module had its first uncrewed trial airlift.

The specifications Gaganyaan mission is that firstly it is a crewed spacecraft type and its design life is for 7 days. Its launch mass is of 7,800 kg (includes service module) as well as the Dry mass is of 3,735 kg. It has the crew capacity of 3 astronauts. It has the dimensions of diameter- 3.00 m, Height- 2.70 m and Volume- 11.5 m. It has low earth orbit regime.

Mission Gaganyaan: 3 Indians to spend 7 days in space, govt okays Rs 10,000 crore budget

According to the news reports, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) will give in to a mission report to the government in two months and detect a programme manager for the mission.

For training astronauts for the mission, ISRO is in the view of associations with well-known reputable space progressing countries like Russia or America. If the mission gets successful then Gaganyaan will make India the fourth space progressing country to have its own crewed mission launched to space after US, Russia and China.

ISRO is planning for this mission from past many years but the approval from Union Cabinet has finally given them a green signal. ISRO has recently revealed it’s certain plans about the mission such as it is going to send 3 crew members on a significant seven day trip of Vyomanauts to low-Earth orbit, revolving the Earth in 2022.

PM Narendra Modi also said about this mission in a marathon speech at the Red Fort in New Delhi for the nation’s Independence Day. He said, “India will send into space — a man or a woman — by 2022, before that if possible”

He also added his statement by saying that the astronaut would be “carrying the national flag” of our country.

However, till Gaganyaan’s launch in 2021 and 2022, ISRO has planned approximately 50 launches, comprising the Chandrayaan-2 mission to the Moon in January next year, 2019.