ISRO Plans WR with 83 satellites on single rocket mission

ISRO Plans WR with 83 satellites on single rocket mission :- Indian Space Research Organisation – The Indian space agency is planning for a world record by placing 83 satellites into orbit by using a single rocket. The launching of 83 satellites with the help of one rocket is scheduled for early 2017.

Out of 83 satellites, only 2 satellites will be from India and left 81 satellites will be from other countries.


According to the Chairman and MD at Antrix Corporation – Rakesh Sasibhushan that ISRO plans to place 81 nano satellites into orbit by 2017. All of the 83 satellites will be put into a single orbit. The only major challenge for ISRO is to maintain the rocket’s orbit in the same position till all the satellites are ejected.

Sasibhushan further said that ISRO will use the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle XL rocker for the record launch.

This will not be first time for the ISRO as they have launched multiple satellites on a single missions.

The next mission will carry a total payload of 1,600 Kg. The Indian space agency did not disclose the name of any clients whose satellites will be carried on the next mission.

The rocket will have a capacity to carry 4 tonned of payload. The mission is scheduled for Jan 2017. The new rocket will be a boon for India in saving precious foreign exchange as the country presently is paying a hefty sum for heavier satellite launches through foreign space agencies.

AS Kiran Kumar who is ISRO chairman, also mentioned that ISRO is looking forward for 4-tonne communication satellites that will give the same output as a 6-tonner.

Presently, ISRO is trying out some high-altitude tests using its own cryogenic engine. The cryogenic engine is expected to power the heavier rocket Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle-MK III (GSLV Mk III).