Istanbul Airport Attack: Hrithik Roshan tweets of being there hours before terror strike

Istanbul Airport Attack: Hrithik Roshan tweets of being there hours before terror strike :- Shocked! The Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan was going to Spain and Africa on the vacation, and after the divorced, with Sussanne Khan and lot’s of controversy, He decided to go for a vacation with both son’s Hrehaan and Hridhaan.

Istanbul airport attack Hrithik Roshan tweets of being there hours before terror strike

And Hrithik in Spain with their bot son was doing completely fun, After that when he was the turn for his country than in the Istanbul Airport . they have missed the flight and also waiting for extra one day to where the next flight on the tomorrow.

According to repot’s, Where Hrithik was a missed linking flight and also he was the unavailability of the business class tickets. That mean the Bollywood superhero Krish “Hrithik Roshan” and his both sons Hrehaan and Hredhaan were held at the Istanbul Airport for a while hours where on the Istanbul Airport, Before the terrorist attacks.

The repot’s was reached from the Istanbul Airport in the terrorist attacks there was the 36 people were killed and their 147 people were injured on Wednesday morning.

But, after that horror terrorist attacks finally Hrithik and his sons were arranged the flight tickets on an economy class and where some time before that the terrorist attacks started.

In the Wednesday morning, when Hrithik Roshan has come in his country India then Hrithik feel safe with his both sons and he said: That it was the ultimate usefulness of the area staff at the Istanbul airport that had done it possible for his sons and after that when I feel for him fly out to security.

3 Suicide Bomber Blew himself at Istanbul Ataturk Airport Attack 36 dead, 147 Injured

He distant scored that all the suckers of that airport attack and the port of Istanbul were in his decisions. He was also headed as disturbing that the murder of “innocents in the sign of their religion”.

The 42-year-old stardom actor Hrithik Roshan used to his Twitter grip to give the news and tweet on the social site, “missed the flight at Istanbul airport to India and were held at the airport for next flight was the subsequent day but got the economy class ticket and rushed out shortly. #Prayers4istanbul.”

Where the much-awaited film Mohenjo Daro coming soon and there in the Hrithik Roshan played the lead role so after completing the shooting of that film he was going for a vacation with sons.