IT departments seized 650 Crore from Cafe Coffee day’s owner Siddhartha!

IT departments seized 650 Crore from Cafe Coffee day’s owner Siddhartha! :- Well, as per the sources reports, IT officials find 650 Crore from a BJP leader Krishna’s son-in-law’s house. The Income-tax Department seized the money as they were informed about some black money in his house. Also, the sources are saying that currently, anybody from the house is not saying anything because they all are exposed.

A senior tax officer said “Documents seized from the search operations at 25 places of Cafe Coffee Day and its group companies in Karnataka, Mumbai, and Chennai have revealed concealed income of over Rs 650 crore,” Also, the reports are saying that department raided on 25 properties connected to VG Siddhartha began on Thursday. Also, the raided held in the state capital, Hassan, Chikmagalur, Chennai, and Mumbai.

IT departments seized 650 Crore

Also, the reports are coming that, IT officials had also raided the Amalgamated Beans Coffee (ABC) curing works owned by Siddhartha, located along the Hassan-Belur highway near Hassan. Even, 5 IT officers who came in a tourist vehicle have been conducting searches from 9 AM. You all may know that Siddhartha, a businessman, is the founder-owner of the Cafe Coffee Day chain of outlets.

Sources are saying that the raids took place just months after Krishna left Congress to join the BJP amidst much fanfare. He was also the foreign minister in the UPA government under Manmohan Singh. “The searches concluded with the group’s officials admitting to concealed income exceeding Rs 650 crore and the detection of undisclosed income, which is expected to be a much higher figure,” said IT officer.

“There are a number of other issues, including violations of other statutes on which there is no disclosure but relevant evidence has been found. These will be pursued effectively as part of our investigation,” Also, the officer added.