IT Dept warns taxpayers over sharing user ID and password

IT Dept warns taxpayers over sharing user ID and password :- Over the issue of sharing the user ID and passwords with any unauthorised person, the IT Department has warned taxpayers and said that they too will be liable to face consequences for misuse of their confidential information.

The department, in an advisory to taxpayers told assessees that their user ID and password are the most sensitive information, misuse of which can lead to tampering of confidential TDS-related information, your own sensitive data and deductee-related confidential information.

The department also added that it asked taxpayers to exercise caution in use of log-in credentials at TRACES, and credentials should not be disclosed to any unintended or unauthorised individual. If shared, the person using login credentials shall also be liable to consequences.

The department said that do not keep the sensitive information like passwords in e-mails, folders and files in the computer because it can be risky. If the hackers hacked the the e-mail or computer account, then he could misuse the passwords, steal money from your bank accounts, misuse your e-mail account or credit/debit card to access sensitive information from your machine.

The IT department also warned that users use the different password for different accounts not same passwords for the different accounts.

The Department said that you are requested to similarly treat Digital Signature Certificate with utmost security, as the user ID and password on TRACES.