Jana/Jaana Na Dil Se Door 13th October 2016 Episode Written Updates! Vividha sees sujata

The TV series Jana Na Dil Se Door is yet to showcase a high voltage drama where a massive twist will be changed the trio Atharva, Ravish and Vividha’s life forever. Is we all know that in the Vashisths household something fishy is going on and Vividha (Shivani Surve) also catches glimpses of a person, who she recognizes to be Atharv (Vikram Singh Chauhan) but till now clearly she did not see his face.


When Vividha reveals the same to Uma, the latter refuses to believe, as the Kashyap family is aware of it that Atahrva is now no more, Uma lies to Vividha that, Atharv and his mother have shifted to another place, and seeing Atharv is just Vividha’s imagination. Uma asks Vividha to concentrate on her family and be loyal to them, as she is wife of Ravish and now his family is her own family.

But, Vividha second time see somehow Atharv, it is seems that Atharva will be refused to believes that Vividha is now married to (Shashank Vyas) as when he sees Vividha and Ravish’s wedding photo he break the same.

Apparently, Ravish would have found Atharv in a critical condition. As an army person, he shows sympathy to Atharv and treated him well to do the treatment of him. He would have hidden Atharv and his mother in a secret room as he doesn’t want the Vashisths family to know about Ravish and his family. Ravish is unaware of it that Atharv is his step brother, and he loves Vividha! In the upcoming episode, Vividha will see Atharv in her bedroom. Ravish, who comes out of the washroom, sees Atharv in their bedroom and she will be just shocked to see him.

Ravish will also be seen unconscious in the chair and Atharva will rush to save him or not it is yet clear. Also, the latest spoiler suggests, Ravish will get to know about Vividha and Atharv’s love story and he will be just shocked to know so. He also gets to know that Vividha was forced to get married to him which will be let him shattered.

It is yet to see in the upcoming episode of the TV series Jana Na Dil Se Door that whether Atharva will be accept the fact that now Vividha is married to Ravish and whether Ravish will be taking what decision regarding the wedding of Atharva and Vividha.

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