Atharv & Guddi Dance! Jaana Na Dil Se Door 13th September 2016 Written Updates

Atharv & Guddi Dance! Jaana Na Dil Se Door 13th September 2016 Written Updates :- The last episode of the TV series Jaana Na Dil Se Door started with Vividha’s Mehendi Ceremony Uma gets suspicious when Kailash gives Vividha an expensive wedding sari gifted by the groom’s family. Later, the Kashyap’s celebrate Vividha’s Mehendi ceremony. And Uma thinks that Sujata must choose the costly dress for Vividha as Atharva is the only son of her.


So Vividha is the only daughter in law of her whom she loves a lot. Now Vividha arrives in the Mandir (Temple) to seek blessings from the god where her mother Uma just praised the ‘Shaadi Ka Joda’ (Bridal dress) and also prayed for the person with whom Vividha is all set to tie the knot.

Now in the Mehendi ceremony, Dadi cracks jokes with everyone and she also teases to Atharva that on the day of Mahendi as per wedding rules, the Dulhe Raja (Groom) need to apply Mehendi on his hands.

Atharva is surprised to know the same and Sujata also consider it as ‘Shagun Ki Mehendi’ so Dadi and Guddi apply Mehendi on Atharva’s hands. Kailash doesn’t like these and Ankit too. All of sudden Abdul Chacha arrives and the family became too happy to see him.

Abdul Chacha blesses the couple Atharva and Vividha and he also asked to them that in the Mehendi ceremony Naach Gana (Dance and music) is too crucial in order to increase it elegances.

So everybody has been seen dancing in the Mehendi ceremony, Kailash doesn’t like this and he looks in anger. Uma and Sujata are too happy to see that Vividha and Atharva are too happy for the wedding and finally their dream come true.

Guddi, Dadi, Abdul Chacha, Vividha, and Atharva everybody is dancing now and both Vividha and Atharva are too happy.
Precap: Vividha is smiling on seeing that Atharva is dancing.