Uma is upset! Jaana Na Dil Se Door 14th September 2016 Episode Written Updates

Uma is upset! Jaana Na Dil Se Door 14th September 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The show starts with Vivbhida dressed up in a red career and come out. Everyone smiles at her. She does the aarti and prayed that Ram and Sita United and wish she and Aarthav will live together for always. Meanwhile, Kailash thinks Vivbhidha did the wrong praying as she forgets that Ram and Sita never stayed together.


Uma gave the bridal dress to Vivbhidha and thought, Sujata spent a lot of money on the dress. Vivbhida likes the dress. Kailash says this dress is from your laws. Kailash thinks this dress has the name of Ravish.

Uma told Vivbhida that the dress, bangles and Sindoor have the color of her life. Then, Mehndi rituals started, and Sujata was sitting with Vivbhida. Meanwhile, no one sees shagun plate that Sujata gives.

The girl writes A on the hand of Vivbhidha. Vivbhida shows this to Aarthav and Aarthva smiles. Dadi saw Aarthav and Vivbhida signing each other. Dadi called out Aarthav and told him that we have the ritual to apply the mehndi also on the hand of the groom.

Aarthav denies but Guddi took him for applying Mehndi. Aarthav says I will wipe it out. Dadi told him that her name is Indumati, and she will see how he will wipe out Mehndi. Then, a girl writes the name of Vivbhida on his hand and him stops wiping out Vivbhida’s name written in his hand. Dadi asked him why he is not wiping out the mehndi now. Aarhav says Vivbhidha name is written on it, so I cannot wipe it out. Aarhav and Vivbhida have the eye lock, and they recall their romantic moments.

Abdul uncle came there, and Sujata cries. Abdul Uncle controls her emotion. Sujata introduces Vivbhida to Abdul Uncle, and he wished her good luck for her future and blessed her to remain happy for whole life. Aarthav and Abdul Uncle hugs each other. Abdul Uncle asked Dadi to resume the singing and dancing.

The dance and song started. Guddi sings “Meri Banno Ki Aayegi Baraat.” Abdul Uncle sings “Banno Tera Swagger” and everyone smile. Then, everyone started dancing. Aarthav and Dadi dances. Vivbhida found Uma upset.


Aarthav and Guddi dance on the “Galla Godiyan.” Abdul uncle also dances. Kailash and Ankit look each other and makes faces.