Vividha Drives Atharv’s Bike! Jaana Na Dil Se Door 15th August 2016 Written Updates

Vividha Drives Atharv’s Bike! Jaana Na Dil Se Door 15th August 2016 Written Updates :- The show starts with Ankit recalled Kailash’s words and shoots. The bell falls down and Atharv moves the bell away from falling over his head. Atharv gets hurt by the Trishul kept near the tree and Vividha gets shocked and shouts.


MEnahwile, Ankit gets worried and leaves from there and Vividha worries as the phone are out of network. She asked Aarthav to stay here, as she will call someone for help. He told her that I m fine. She told her that you are not fine, wait here.

She asked him not to close eyes and worries seeing the bleeding, then She tried her dupatta to his hand. He told her that till you are with me, I m fine, nothing will happen. The bells ring by the wind and Vividha told him its going to rain and we have to reach that hut, can you walk?

He asked her that till you are with me, I can even climb Mount Everest too. She helped him and take him to the old hut. It started raining and She told her that I will get someone for help. He replied you got me here, I don’t think your intentions are bad.

Vivbhidha calls out for help and Aarthav sings hum tum Ek Jodi me, bands, ho… She makes him sit and asked him to be quiet. He replied I wish aunty made her house here, I would have met you there on weekends. She lights up the fire. She informs her that I will call someone.

He holds her hand and stopped her and told her I m fine, just be with me here. She asked him to see the bleeding, he can’t even open eyes well. She says wait here, I will go and get a rickshaw.

Meanwhile, they reached to their bike, but Aarthav fades and Vivbhida got shocked. She started crying and told her that she will not let happen anything to him. Then, she tried in riding the bike and took him to the nearest hospital.

They, both reached the hospital and Vivbhida call out for Dr. and asked him to see Aarthav. Dr. checks him.