(JNDSD) Jaana Na Dil Se Door 1st October 2016 Written Updates! Muh Dikhaai ceremony

(JNDSD) Jaana Na Dil Se Door 1st October 2016 Written Updates! Muh Dikhaai ceremony :- The TV series Jana Na Dil Se Door is now yet to show that Ankit will be shocking confesses that he partially kill Atharva. Kailash warns Ankit to keep quiet. Later, Ankit confesses to Uma that he had hit Atharva with a hammer. Later, Suman tells Vividha about her Muh Dikhaai ceremony.


The last night episode of the TV series Jana Na Dil Se Door further shows that Suman asked Ravish to apply Sindoor and Mangalsutra on Vividha which makes Vividha feeling uncomfortable. Ravish apply it and Vividha doesn’t like that.

Uma asked Ankit that what he did with Atharva as she is sceptical of Ankit. Ankit behaves rudely with Uma but he confesses in front of his dad Kailash that he hits Atharva in the head with the hammer for that Atharva actually go partial dead.

Kailash is shocked with that and he asked to him that hopes nobody sees him but Ankit said that Sujata sees him and she was there. Kailash said hope nothing happen with Atharva as if Atharva will die then the police won’t spare. Kailash said that Atharva is alive that is why there is no police complaint in Ankit’s name.

Uma looks so worried for Atharva. Suman and Daddy Jee organised Muh Dikhaai ceremony, and Daddy Ji discusses with Suman that she should explain the rules and regulations of the house to Vividha. As Daddy Ji thinks that Vividha is from a different family background so I am not expecting much more from her.

But Suman said that on seeing Vividha I realised that she is perfect for Ravish. Suman asked Vividha to get ready for the Muh Dhikhaai ceremony at 5:00 PM. Somehow Vividha speaks with Uma and shocked to know that Ankit beat Atharva badly and he is still missing with his mom Sujata.

Vividha just breaks something in her room and go angry to know about Atharva. She also screams a lot which makes Suman and Daddy Ji embarrass and shocked in the front of guest but Ravish saves Vividha’s images by asking Suman that the flower vases break by himself.

To shows that Ravish also cut his hands with the pieces of flower vases which make Vividha anxious for her as well as surprised. Ravish asked to Vividha asked to Vividha that she need to say in front of the guest, Suman, and Daddy Ji that the flower vases breaks by him accidentally.

Precap: Ravish asked to Vividha are you happy to marry me.