Vividha Hugs Atharv! Jaana Na Dil Se Door 1st September 2016 Written Updates JNDSD

Vividha Hugs Atharv! JNDSD Jaana Na Dil Se Door 1st September 2016 Written Updates :- The show starts with Kailash thinking about Atharv’s proposal. He thinks of all the disappointment and other failures. Meanwhile, Vividha comes there and asked Kailash for applying oil on his head.


Kailash says no. Vivbhida says I have noticed that your headache in last few days have increased and it is just because of me. She asked him to not take tension as everything will get ok.

Vivbhida hugs Kailash and says I am missing my old days and you just need to be tension-free. Kailash holds her hand and asked her to rest as he must be tired all day. She goes.

Kailash turns and looks Atharv. Atharv asked him to come and talk mam to man as there is no one around them. Atharv came to talk to Kailash. Kailash asked him what is the proof that you will fulfill whatever you had told me.

Atharv shows him a paper and told him that he will not disappoint him. He shows him investors intent letter and society approval letter. Vivbhi hides and listens to all this. Atharv says I am shifting my factory to Nasik and after that, no will point any finger on you that your daughter is getting married to a milkman.

Kailash takes the paper and smiles. Vivbhi gets shocked and recalls the moment when she scolded Atharv for disbelieving her father. But, Kailash took the paper and burns it. Vivbhida and Atharv get shocked.

Kailash started scolding Atharv and told him that he really loves her daughter and there is nothing in the world that can make him greedy to sell his daughter. Vivbhida gets happy.

He started shouting on Atharv and the whole family gathered there. Kailash told Atharv that he proves that he was no worthy of Vivbhida. Atharv says its means you will not allow me to get married to your daughter. Kailash not on the basis of greed.

He asked Sujata to talk to him tomorrow and told Atharv that some conversation must happen between elders. Everyone says Kailash says yes. Sujata gets happy and Guddi hugs Atharv and Vivbhida.


In the upcoming episode, Vivbhida will ask Atharv why he is bein a statue? Atharv says something is not right. Vivbhida will say our love exam has now over and she hugs him.