Shocking Twist! JNDSD Jaana Na Dil Se Door 21st August 2016 Written Updates

Shocking Twist! JNDSD Jaana Na Dil Se Door 21st August 2016 Written Updates :- The show starts with Ramakanth thinking of Arrtahv ana leaves. Arrthav asked Doctors how did you fin dVivdha. Doctor told him that Colonel Ramakanth launched a force to track down the Vivbhida and thus, he also informed us.


Jaana Na Dil Se Door 21st August 2016 Written Updates

On the other side, Dadi asked Kailash to find Vivbhida. Guddi came there and informed Dadi that Aartahv found us and he also find Vivbhida. Dadi asked Kailash is he defeat, as Guddi and Vivbhidha went missing? Kailash shouted and blammed Aarthav for all this.

Ramakanth was in his jeep and got shocked to see Aarthav in front of his jeep. Aarthav told Colonel that he don’t know what relation he has with him in a previous birth, but he did a big favor to him  by helping him in getting Vivbhida back. Aarthav also asked him to call him anytime whenever he needs him.

Ramakanth gets emotional and hugs Aarthav and ” Pita Se Hai Naam Tera” plays. Rmakanth goes and Vivbhida called Aarthav.

Aarthav asked Vivbhida, how did he reach here? Vivbhida says I will explain, but first, we should go home. They, both headed toward home. On the house, Uma was really worried about Vivbhidha and Sujata was consoling her and asked her to not get worried.

Then, Vivbhida comes there. Uma and Sujata relieved. They, asked her what happened to her and who did it? Ankit gets worried seeing her. Vivbhi told them that today is Rakhi, lets do Rakhi rituals first and after that, I will explain everything.

She brought the “aarti plate” and asked Ankit to tie her Rakhi as she had protected her for a long time. Ankit hugs her and asked her to not say anything to anyone.

Vivhida scolded her and slapped her  and told everyone that Ankit is responsible for all this and I save him by not registering a complain against him. And, if I would have done it, then he will in prison. Everyone gets shocked.


In the upcoming episode, Aartav says I  think someone else planned this as Ankit can not do it alone. Kailash says what do you mean I did this ? Ankit taunts him.