Vividha is crying! JNDSD Jaana Na Dil Se Door 22nd August 2016 Episode Written Updates

Vividha is crying! JNDSD Jaana Na Dil Se Door 22nd August 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The show stars with Vivbhida telling everyone that Ankit did all this to me. Fb shows”  Ankit slaps Vivbhida and dragged her to her car. Then, he again slapped her and took her for a drive till next morning. When Vivbhida wakes up, she asked him where he is taking her? Then, suddenly a truck came and Ankit moved the steering wheel. The car gets imbalanced and moved towards a construction. Ankit jumped out of the running car and left Vivbhida inside the running car. Fb ends.

Jaana Na Dil Se Door Today Written Updates

Vividha cries and says Ankit did all this to me and when I woke up. FB shows ” I was inside the car and reached out and when I get consciousness I was in the hand of Aarthav. FB ends.

Vivbhida cries and says I cannot believe that Ankit would have done this to me . She told Ankit that you forget in childhood I carried for hours and days. I and Guddi used to keep waiting for you and we have saved you from all the trouble. We also used to make Rakhi for you and now, you did all this to me.

Guddi says Ankit’s behavior was wrong for some day. Vivbhida says If I love a milkman, then it does not mean that you will kill me. Ankit cries.

Uma scolded Ankit and asked him , how he dare to do all this with her elder sister. Dadi also asked  him how he can slap her sister and let her die alone in a running car?

Ankit cries and apologizes to her. Kailash shows his anger and told Ankit that I will kill you and you ,must get punishment for what you had did. He picks up a stick and tries to beat Ankit with it. But, Aarthav stops him and say Ankit is not only responsible for this and I think someone else has a mind behind all this.

Kailash says what do you mean I have done all this? I am Vivhida’s father. I cannot do this to my daughter. Aarthav says I did not take your name. Kailash says but you mean to say this only.

Vivbhida says Papa cannot do this and she asked Aarthav to get rest as his wounds are still fresh. Aarthav goes and Vivbhida told Sujata that Aarthav is really brave and she must put him in Army.

Sujata went to Aarthav’s room with a first aid box and aided his wound. She asked Aarthav what he is thinking? Aarthav says how Army reached there and helped me.


In the upcoming episode, Aarthav sees Vivhida. She cries and both sign each other for a hug.