JNDSD Jana/Jaana Na Dil Se Door 24th October 2016 Episode Written Updates! Vividha Gets Shocked

JNDSD Jana/Jaana Na Dil Se Door 24th October 2016 Episode Written Updates! Vividha Gets Shocked :- STAR PLUS most wonderful exciting program, Jaana Na Dil Se Door looks like an attractive entertaining show, which gives the huge voltage potential that raises to the Jaana Na Dil Se Door followers.


Jaana Na Dil Se Door 24th October 2016 Written Update

The favorite TV series Jaana Na Dil Se Door forever made to give goose bumps to the viewers with its never moving the dilemma way and definitely the great crux of the show is to showcase in the latest episodes that, Kalindi tells Vividha will ask the reason. Suman says she won’t comprehend as she doesn’t know our past. Vividha sees the room inside the organizer entryway and gets in. She goes to see the individual.

Where In the most recent episode,Suman says this house is new, so you would feel this. She requests that Kalindi says. Kalindi says each house has the story and each family has the mystery.

There is no apparition assault in this house. Atharv requests that Sujata free him. Sujata says no, I can’t give anybody a chance to do this with my child, my Atharv is free and will be free.

She requests that Atharv holds up, I will open you. She searches for keys and thinks Ravish has the keys. She ventures out of the pantry entryway and thinks keys will be in Ravish’s room, by what means should I discover his room. Suman says possibly something happened so Vividha is saying as much.

Daddy ji says this house is new, its stormy climate, I think she will get used to, unwind. Sujata and Vividha stroll in a similar passage and don’t see each other. Vividha goes to her room. Sujata sees Situram taking Ravish’s jacket to his room.

She tails him. Situram says I will keep the coat. Vividha says I will keep it. He goes. Sujata goes into the room and does not see Ravish and Vividha’s marriage picture.

She glances around for keys. She gets the keys and a letter in his jacket. She hears sound from washroom and stows away. Violate comes to take Vividha.

She runs with him, and Sujata misses to see her. Sujata clears out. Later, Ravish and Vividha are back in a room. He wears his jacket. She asks are you going out. He says yes.

She approaches should I make tea for you. He says no and acknowledges key and letter gone from the coat. She asks what happened, are you searching for something, let me know. He stresses and takes off.