Atharv is crying! JNDSD Jaana Na Dil Se Door 25th August 2016 Episode Written Updates

Atharv is crying! JNDSD Jaana Na Dil Se Door 25th August 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The show starts with Sujata asking Sujata how did she get unwell? Uma lies and says just because of the winter season, I got unwell. Vivbhida told Uma that we should thank Aarthav who bring the inhaler at the right time. Aarthav asked Uma to keep an inhaler with her always.


Jaana Na Dil Se Door 25th August 2016 Episode

Aarthav notices finger mark on Uma’s neck. Uma signs No to Sujata and Aarthav and Uma leaves. Kailash looks angrily. Meanwhile, Sujata tried to tell Aarthav about Kailash but Aarthav was busy in her thought.

Aathav told Sujata that I think Ankit is not only involved in Vibvhida’s kidnapping. He told her that Kailash is also involved in her kidnapping. Sujata told him that will he please put aside Kailash’s topic as she wants to discuss his papa.

Martha says Papa does not mean to you and me. Uma comes there and asked Aarthav is this way to talk to your Mummy? On the other side, Guddi asked Vivbhidha why you are feeling guilty? Vivbhida says Papa is angry because of me, Uma has suffered because of me, Sujata is hearing and from society and even Aarthav is facing a lot from society.

Uma says Aarthav loves you and he cares about you. He is hot and good looking and if he would have loved me then I would have run with him. Vivbhida agrees.

Meanwhile, Aarthav told Uma and Sujata that women have made the habit of tolerating. And, this habit made them weaker. I know, Uma Maa is also hiding bout Kailash. Aarthav goes and Uma and Sujata look each other.

Uma asked Vivbhida that I want to tell you something. After some time, Vibhida comes and was crying. She calls Aarthav and asked him to meet her in a temple.

Aarthav reaches the temple and sees Ramakanth. Ramakanth hugs him and told him that he is his father. Ramakanth says I am Ramakanth Vashisht and your father. Aarthav says what are you speaking.


In the upcoming episode, Ramakanth will say Aarthav that I know there is a cliff between us. Aarthav says this relation was ended 27 years ago.