Vividha Scolds Kailash! Jaana Na Dil Se Door 27th September 2016 Written Updates

Vividha Scolds Kailash! Jaana Na Dil Se Door 27th September 2016 Written Updates :- The show starts with Ravish looking at the R written on Vivhidha’s hand. Pandit told them about the husband and wife respecting each other and supporting them all over the life. Vivbhida recalls Aarthav. Then, Pandit told them to stand up for pehra and Guddi ties the gathbandhan.


Vivbhia was about to stumbles during the phera, and she stumbles, and their Gath Bandhan was about to get broke, but Suman held it and tied that another.

Kalindi taunts Vivbhida for stumbling, but Suman supported Vivbhidha by saying Ravish and Viuvbhda will take care of each other after marriage, and none of them stumble. Pandit asked the Vivbhidha’s parent to come for the Kanyadan. Uma and Kailash began, but Vivbhidha did not give her hand. Ravish looks at Vivbhidha.

Pandit asked Ravish to fill the Sindoor and make Vivbhida wear the mangal sutra. Ravish does the same and Pandit told them that you both are now husband and wife. Everyone clap and Kailash feels relief.

Everyone gathered for the post marriage ceremony. Ravish’s sister brought the sweets for Vivbhidha and Ravish and asked both of them to feed each other. Ravish make Vivbhida eat the sweets and Vivbhida does the same.

Kailash told Suman that now, its in your hand to take care of Vivbhidha. Suman says Vivbhidha will get a lot of love in this house. Kailash asked for permission to talk with Vivbhida.

He talked with her and asked Vivbhida to live her life peacefully. Vivbhida says shall I promise that I will reveal this truth to everyone? Later, she told Kailash that you don’t need to worry as my mouth will be shut, till Aarthav’s life will be saved because nothing more is necessary to me.


In the upcoming episode, Vividha scolds Kailash. Ravish and Vividha touch Kailash’s feet and take blessings. Vividha hugs Uma and asks her to find Atharv, promise me.