JNDSD Jaana Na Dil Se Door 29th September 2016 Written Updates, Ravish sees vividha!

JNDSD Jaana Na Dil Se Door 29th September 2016 Written Updates, Ravish sees vividha!s :- The TV series Jana Na Dil Se Door begins with Vividha apologises to Ravish and Ravish is shocked to see Vividha’s strange behaviour. Later, Vividha apologises to him for her mistake, while Uma worries about Atharva and Sujata.
The yesterday episode of the TV series Jana Na Dil Se Door further shows that Ravish’s sisters crack jokes with him as he will be now on his wedding night with Vividha. Ravish is also smitten by Vividha’s wedding without knowing what her choice is.


Vividha feels cursed on herself on seeing there is Ravish’s name in her hands as she wishes to have Atharva’s name here. On having this grief she tries to burn her hands. Suman asked to Ravish and Vividha to sleep now and she wishes good night to them.

Ravish arrives in the room and Vividha looks anger on seeing the honeymoon night decorations, she turns on and Ravish sees that blood is coming out of Vividha as the Saaree pin of her is touching her shoulders.

Ravish tries to remove the Saaree pin and Vividha thinks that Ravish is trying to touch her so he pushes him which causes bleeding in Ravish as she hurt the place where Ravish was already having the wound. Vividha feels so bad to know his real intentions and she just has tears in her eyes.

Despite it was not Ravish’s mistake at all Ravish seek an apology from her which makes her feeling bad for him. Still, she is worried that Ravish would not touch her in the name of marital rituals’.

She was also scared but she surprised to see that actually, Ravish did not touch her. He did her first aid and sleep on the sofa. She sleeps by turning back in the bed and Ravish thinks that she must be emotional as he is having the wound.

Next morning Sujata searches for Atharva as she promised to Vividha that she will be searching Atharva. Vividha sees nightmare of Atharva and she woke up by screaming Atharva which makes Ravish shocked.

Precap: Suman asked Ravish to apply Sindoor and Mangalsutra on Vividha as every married woman need to apply it.