Vividha gets shocked! JNDSD Jaana Na Dil Se Door 30th September 2016 Written Updates

Vividha gets shocked! JNDSD Jaana Na Dil Se Door 30th September 2016 Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series Jaana Na Dil Se Door begins with Uma Searches for Atharva and Uma goes to the temple in search of Atharva and Sujata. The residents tell Uma that Atharva was attacked by some goons.
The episode further shows that Vividha is sleeping in her room and she woke up with a nightmare to see that Ravish is there. She shouted Atharva but thankfully Ravish did not hear anything and he laugh at Vividha as her Kajal spread on her cheeks.


Vividha feels bad to see that Ravish is laughing at her and she started crying. Ravish feels bad for her and he seek apology from her but Vividha rushes to the washroom. Ravish asked to the Vashisths family that he laugh at Vividha on seeing that and the entire family laugh.

 Jaana Na Dil Se Door 1st October 2016 Episode

Suman said that let me call Vividha but Suman realised that Vividha is crying in the washroom and she explain to Ravish that he should not make fun of her as she is just wedded wife. Ravish went to the Vividha’s room and asked to her that he can bring her breakfast here.

Vividha did not replied anything and she rushes to the hall where Ravish asked her to do the breakfast but Vividha said that she is not hungry. Bua asked to Vividha that she come here in this Avatar despite being new bride, she doesn’t apply Sindoor and Mangalsutra on her.

Uma searches of Atharva now as she promised it to Vividha, the people of society cursed Vividha and Kashyap family how they can do so as well they said that Atharva was near his death which makes Uma worried.

Kailash, on the other hand, asked Ankit what he did with Atharva, Ankit said I beat hammer on his head. Kailash is shocked and asked Ankit is anybody sees this, Ankit said Sujata was there. Kailash wonder why Sujata till now did not do police complaint may be Atharva is alright. Uma looks on.

Meanwhile, Suman explains to Vividha that after marriage a woman need to apply Sindoor and Mangalsutra on her every day as ritual and she also asked Ravish to apply the same. Vividha doesn’t like this but bear. Suman also asked to Ravish that from today it is your responsibility to apply Sindoor and Mangalsutra on her.

Precap: Daddy Ji asks Suman to explain Vividha about Mudikhai ceremony. Suman tells Vividha to be ready on time, as we are too punctual.

Vividha talks to Uma about Atharv and shocked to know that Atharva beat too badly. Vividha breaks everything in the house in front of the guest. Suman and Dady Ji are shocked.