Jai aims gun at maya! 24 Season 2 20th August 2016 Episode Written Updates

Jai aims gun at maya! 24 Season 2 20th August 2016 Episode Written Updates :-The upcoming crux of the thrilling weekend TV series 24 Season 2 is all about Roshan Sherchan to get know about the truth about Jai and Maya’s relationship and he will shatter to know so. Now the mega twist of the TV series is how Roshan is going to deal with the reality.

24 Season 2 Episode Written Updates

24 Season 2 Episovde Written Updates

24 Season 2 Episode Written Updates

24 Season 2 Episode Written Updates

Colors’ action-packed thriller series 24: Season 2 has already mesmerised the audience with its nail-biting suspense and high voltage drama but now the audiences going to witness an everlasting drama which will be surely giving you goose bumps.

In the last weekend’s episode of the TV series 24: Season 2 we how the drama increased when Roshan Sherchan (Ashish Vidyarthi) finally reunited with his brother Haroon Sherchan (Sikander Kher).

And, while they are busy making a master plan in which they can ruin the Mumbai city completely apart from the expectation to have huge human life losses.

Somehow Roshan will start to suspect about Maya (Surveen Chawla) and Jai Singh Rathod’s (Anil Kapoor) secret relationship as he feels that Maya is actually smitten by the Jai’s personality.

He also feels Maya’s proximity with him is just incomplete. Maya will discreetly go to meet Jai Singh Rathod in the room, and they will get intimate and she will also reveal about Haroon’s plan to kill him once and then they planning to leave the country.

In an attempt to calm her down, Jai will tell her not to be bothered with such things because he is pretty sure that Haroon can’t defeat him anyway. Roshan will be by chance passing from the side of the room and he will be shocked to see that Maya is with Jai. He wonders what Maya is doing with Jai.

Roshan will rush to Haroon and inform the same that he saw Maya with Jai. This will make Haroon furious and he will rush to Maya’s room for an explanation that why she was with Jai. But, her father Omkar (Yashodhan Bal) will try to cover for them and prevent him from going there.

Will Omkar be able to save Maya from Haroon’s anger as anger Haroon can kill Maya actually and if he get to know about that Maya is with Jai then just god save Maya? Whether Haroon will find out the truth about Maya and Jai’s relationship… Find out in the tonight episode of the thrilling show 24: Season 2 only on Colors TV at 9:00 PM.