Jai killed maya dad! Twenty Four 24 Season 2 27th August 2016 Written Episode Updates

Jai killed maya dad! Twenty Four 24 Season 2 27th August 2016 Written Episode Updates :- In the last weekend episode of the TV series 24 seasons 2, it has been shown that Roshan wants to resume his position as chief and take over the deal about that which is planning by Haroon. Hroon is the mastermind dealer of the drug business which is sense to bring havoc in the Mumbai city.

24 Season 2 Written Episode Updates

Twenty Four 24 Season 2 Written Episode Updates

Prithvi from PMO calls Sindhia, the party chief in Maharashtra, and informs him about ATU’s undercover operation. Sindhia threatens that withdraw party would not supports if any mishap happens in Mumbai.

Somehow Maya meets with Jai and informed him that the terrorist brothers are keen to kill him after the drug dealing mission will complete. Roshan sees Maya with Jai and suspects’ they are having something fishy. Maya’s father is aware of it that Roshan is keep starring at Maya which makes him worried.

Later, Roshan calls in Jai and Haroon along with Maya. He here discloses the love birds’ secret. Since Maya is Haroon’s lady love interest but still if she will be doing anything wrong then Haroon will be killing her and it is the final decision of Haroon.

It is revealed somehow that Jai is having some kind of connections’ with ATU. Maya’s father comes to her rescue. He was planning with Jai and Maya how they can run away from here. When Serchen brothers somehow see him, he manages to make Maya and Jai escapes.

But still Serchen brothers are looking for Jai and Jai lost his connections with ATU team which resulted in Shivani’s anxiety. Haroon asked to Gyaan if we want to hold Jai then we have to connect with his watches.

Left with no option, Gyan proceeds to do so. The Defence Secretary comes up with a plan B in case the undercover operation fails. He suggests drone strikes at the venue of the deal. But this can kill around 200 people in the area, Jai can also die.

Left with no other option, PM gives his nod for the airstrikes. And they said that they are doing this strikes as they are having no response from Mr. Jai Singh Rathore by 8:30pm, and he needs to be here at this time.

Veer is worried to see that his sister is at risk. He rescues his sister from Inder somehow but he reaches to police custody. He thinks now his dad has to choose between personal and professional. Roshan catches somehow Jai and asked him to kill Maya’s dad which will be proved that he is having nothing with Maya unless it will reveal that he is involved with Maya.